Is it dangerous to have a booster pump that takes the total psi to over 100?

I am being told I should not get a booster pump that takes the psi to over 100, as it could damage pipes in a home that I have it hooked up to. Is there any truth to this? Also, is there a limit to how much psi would burst or damage my quick -connects on my rodi system?

No truth to it that I am aware of as long as you have a pump hooked up right.

You probably don’t want to go over 100 PSI. My WFP lines are rated at 100 PSI, and my axeon RO filter is supposed to run around 80-100 PSI.

I called Tucker and they said that I can safely run 120psi on RO/DI cart. I have been running that PSI for over a year now and no issues.

In fact Tucker said the RO will work better at that higher pressure. Just my input on what I’m doing :grin:


In the window cleaning world we use RO filters in a unique way unlike other industries that use RODI systems. For that reason the manufacturers have designed booster pumps to fit our industry. Here are some of the booster pumps you should consider