Is it just me? The Moerman Liquidator Squeegee

just wondering if there are some other folks think the Moerman squeegee is useless.
i gave it another try yesterday and had to go back to my standard squeegee,
it must be i am used to it, my hand and the pressure i put has already a molded angle,pattern, etc. don’t know how to explain. anyway wanted to hear some opinions. thanks.

Please try. Because this is the** interesting part**.
(to me)

It’s just us.

I’ll say it’s pretty good not really bad, but I just go back to ol reliable and don’t have to worry about the end clips falling off.

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I LOVE these, however that being said I hate the moerman handle and their rubber. These things are almost like my old squeegees with black diamond hard rubber and the under green xl handles. And the no detail is a huge bonus. I’m using locktite to keep the blue end caps from falling off


Funny thing is that the only thing I like about them is the handle.

Moerman Liquidator Reviews - Not bad…

It just takes some getting used to man.

I was going to throw them away after one house…

Now I ordered a new set up for WFP instead of my home made one…

Probably will be keeping liquidator as backup… and for storefronts.

i have it for couple of months but don’t use it anymore or less then 5% of time cleaning windows

i have them not the biggest fan but I will let helpers try out all the different channels to see which one they like best.

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Not for me - much quicker with a Wagtail.

i need to get a wagtail its the one channel/handle i have never used

I love the liquidator. I use it almost every day. It took me a couple times to teach myself to use it but now I have no problem switching from one channel to another.

I have the Moerman handle and 3 Liquidator sizes: 10", 14" and 18". I like the idea, and I find my detailing is greatly reduced. Probably if I refined my technique a bit more, the detailing would be reduced even further. I love the fact that the Moerman handle will lock in either 0 or 40 degree positions - that gives you basically 2 tools in one. However, I’m not a big fan of the 40 degree position. I find that it forces my hand uncomfortably close to the glass to maintain the correct rubber angle. What was wrong with the good old 30 degree angle that has been the industry standard for years?
I also find that the end caps come off and get lost, and the rubber tends to move around in the channel, and I have to keep playing with it to get adjusted right. Great idea, just needs some “tweaking” to get it just right, IMHO.