Is it Legal to charge Employees for DD fees?

The title is pretty much the whole question. My bookkeeper said that Direct Deposit cost money through QB. Can it be legally taken out of the employees check?

Did she tell you how much? I believe it’s only $1.75 per check.

Off the top of my head I would say probably not.

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Depends, do you employees hate you already?

I’d probably just eat it. And it should be less than cutting paper checks…?


You can’t take anything out of an employees check unless you and that employee have an agreement.


…everything costs money.

If it’s 1.75 to direct deposit I have am firing our accountant, again. I’ve heard over $30 per check.

Never looked into it.


when i used QB for payroll, all we had to pay was $30 a month. Didn’t matter how many employees or checks we issued.

My bookkeeper does direct deposit and it doesn’t cost me anything.

If the employee agrees to it yes but otherwise no not legally

Are you seriously thinking of charging your employees $1.75 for each paycheck?

@Kyle I believe it’s $40 something just for the payroll end and another separate charge of $30 for OQB

@JohnC No, if it was $1.75 per pay period.

@Chris Thanks for the reply!

@JaredAI haha! Words of wisdom, advice taken. lol

When I approved our payroll this morning I thought of this post. I checked and there was no fee it was included.


Besides, isn’t the fee a write off?

Why write off when you could take it as profit ? :grinning::moneybag::money_with_wings:


Hard to make any profit when you p’o’d all your people.

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if I was an employee that would upset me if my employer charged me to get paid, that’s a snickers bar yo!!! lol

I wish DD fees were my biggest issue. How about a WC policy that requires $2M in coverage, had a minimum charge of $100 per month + $15 processing, when my premium should be $17 based on payroll, and now a $54 association fee for an association I have no desire to be a member of.

That association is supposed to give you a discount. I had a fit when I seen that too and about blew my head when speaking with my agent as he laughed and told me thats just how it is.

Sucks, I know.

I use the WCRA payroll service. I pay $39.95 a month and no additional fees per check. My employees LOVE direct deposit. It’s the only way to handle the millennials, really.