Is it necessary?

Whats up guys, I just wanted to know how many of you guys are like me when it comes to buying equipment ect.? I have a problem, my wife calls it an addiction of buying equipment, most of it necessary, some of it not. Lol I know im not the only one. :sunglasses: what was your most recent expense on equipment that you dont really need but will use eventually oneday. :joy: mine was a really good deal on a bosun chair on ebay, even came with a suction cup, all brand new, im happy :grin:

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My rule is if it has the potential to save me time, energy, frustration, or money, or the potential to earn more money, and I can reasonably afford it, then I buy it. Not everything ends up working out as I hoped, and I have a pile of tools that got used once or twice and then shelved. But overall my purchases have averaged out in my favor.


Ive got a boneyard of shelves with equipment that ended up not working out, i always end up using what i started with. Lol

Purchased a 11 gallon/45 liter trolley for wfp. Didnt really need it but looked to be a little bit of a time saver possibly with tank, pump, 150’ hose reel all on one wheeled cart.

Temps are below Zero likely to stay, wont even use it till late March.

It’s fun to shop around and buy stuff.

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Lol i got a trolly i made and cant use it for same reasons. Now its sitting in my office waiting till winter is over.

Talking about buying stuff, im still thinking about that roof rig @anon46335951. Im not sure but are you selling it on ebay?

I just sold my last Fitch a few weeks ago, remember those.

Figured I just need to get rid of the last MIO too.

I was holding off getting rid of the 2 but really just need a little space cleared up.

Email me I can give you the get it out of here price

[email protected]

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I’ve gotten caught in the buying stuff on hype, and I quit doing that.

Like Alex, if I think I can put it to use and it is something that will help me, then it’s a buy. If not. I don’t. Write off or not, I can find other things to buy or buy multiples of, that is money better spent.


I wanted to add another service to my biz doing auto detailing using steam. Also bought other sh!t like a dual action polisher. Well thought I did my research and decided to go for it. Bought a Mytee steam product for around $1800 (which was a dumb idea looking back now), and all detailing stuff. Well, that biz never evolved because the steamer looked cool but results were terrible. On a good note, the polisher actually ended up being an add-on for hard-water stain removal. Wasn’t a total loss, just wasn’t looking in that direction.


I always used the cheapy holmes depot pressure washers for doing small stuff. Always made a ton of money with them. Til one day I walk into a place where all they sell is pressure washing stuff and was told that a belt drive pressure washer was the way to go.

Thing cost me over 1500 bucks, and had to take it back to have them fix it after the first use!

I can’t tell you how much I hated that thing. It weighed more than my truck. So big you couldn’t fit it any freakin’ where, so loud you had to hide it around the corner and the dang wheels were ALWAYS flat from one day to the next.

I couldn’t even give that stupid thing away.

Nothing at all wrong with a 2 or 300 dollar home depot special. They work just fine.


I have been a DI only user for 20 years. Bought a portable ro/di unit recently thinking I would be better off in the long run particularly when working where the homes are on wells. Then I had to buy a pump cause most water pressure doesn’t do it, even in city limits. And the consideration of new ( larger id) hoses. And putting it (and pump) indoors at night for fear of freezing. I thought I would be simplifying things but today as I get ready to load up the truck it seems just the opposite. Also bought a used stack ladder set on a whim 6 months ago. Read a lot here how so many folks love them. They are now for sale.

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For me buying equipment is a fun endeavor for me and employees.

Also introducing and working with new tools to assist in efficiency changes the repetition at times to keep my interest and motivation from burning out.


I try to resist the temptation. I’m finishing my third season. Now I’m looking back at superfluous purchases and that is giving me more self discipline.