Is it rude to ask for the air conditioning to be on?

Did a house last week where the temp inside the house was 77 degrees, not horrible but it reminded me of last summer where the inside temp was in the high 80’s.

On the one hand I understand not wanting to have the A/C on if a contractor is going to continually have the windows/doors open, but after all the are screens off and moved outside (for washing) all the windows stay closed.

Is it rude to ask a home owner to turn on the A/C if it is that unbearable hot? Luckily this has only happened a few times but when it does it is brutal, especially on huge houses.


Not rude at all. Most houses I clean keep the A/C on 80 upstairs because they rarely go up there. As you know…heat rises. So it gets hot up there especially during the summer months. Often times I will lower the A/C when I get up there and then set it back on the temp they had it once I finish. They understand. I am upstairs maybe an hour so it is not a big deal.

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not sure if it’s rude to ask to have it on but i definitely think it’s rude and selfish of the owner to not have it on.
decent homeownwer behaviour: thank you for coming, there is a washroom over here if you need, i put a cup by the kitchen sink for you , we,ve moved the clutter away from the windows, we have ac cranked because it is so hot today. let me know if you need anything.


Great question. Here in the Northeast, it’s occurred to me on a couple of occasions that it’d be nice if the heat was turned down a bit from the usual 75° that some of my older customers like.

For some reason I’ve been too shy to ask.

But it seems like a perfectly reasonable request, when I’m performing a physically demanding job in someone’s home.

85 degrees from June-September feels like an ice bath in Vegas. But it can be 120+ on the side of some of this black or mirror glass. I figure the clients live in it, I don’t mind it too much. But it goes with the norms of the area. Some of these old folks cry when the temp is at 60 degrees because it is so cold.

I always ask to turn the ceiling fans on whenever on an enclosed sunroom. The clients sometimes have a Mini-Split A/C, sometimes not. I never usually ask as it’s Florida, we sweat for our money, and besides, the UV and hot swamp fart of a breeze will cool you off whilst working in your clients greenhouse.