Is it worth it to get ones business bonded?

I’m consider the advantages of bonding ones business. Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

I have carried a $10,000.00 employee dishonesty bond since I opened. It will put most customers more at ease with having “strangers” in their home or business. I have customers who let me in their homes and then they leave.

There have been times I have interviewed strong candidates for positions only to find they have a criminal conviction of some kind in their background. I am uneasy about hiring people I know will be in customers’ homes, if they have criminal convictions. If my bonding company won’t cover them, I won’t hire them.

Besides, I want to see Licensed, Insured and Bonded on any literature I accept from any company who wants to do work for me…and I provide the same to my customers.

Adding it to my insurance policy barely made a difference in price. Go for it. Sounds good in your ads.

In all reality(pertaining too business) it looks better if nothing else. In all the years I’ve been at it we’ve never had to submit a claim.It also helps to do background checks to assure this!

Also…its about as useless as **** on a bull for a sole operator.Don’t waste your money unless your going to have or have… employee’s,otherwise it’s kind of redundant having it.