Is it worth it?

Pivit Ladder Tool? Can someone shine some light on this product for me? Does anyone use it? Do you trust it leveling your ladder? What don’t you like about it? IS IT SAFE? :confused:

I have one, it’s OK but not great. I bought mine on sale for 50 bucks because the paint store couldn’t sell it and it had been sitting around for two years.

There are a few places where it was invaluable but I prefer levelers that attach to the ladder myself.

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Try this link

I know Seth uses one and loves it…

and of course… Available here

Well, I’m pretty much opposite of Steve. I’ve had ladder levelers that attach to the ladders. They’re OK, but not great. I don’t prefer levelers that attach to ladders because I don’t like the moving parts involved that wear out and could fail. Plus I don’t like modifying ladders. I also think that they make the ladder too heavy and awkward to carry.

When a ladder is placed on the Pivit tool it distributes the weight which helps in slip resistance and stability. The surface of the Pivit tool is very grippy, and so is the rubber like lined edges that make contact with the ground. I’ve used it on all kinds of steps (inside and outside), grass, flagstone, and even on some roofs. I have two, and have even used them as ladder jacks once. I find it to be very sturdy and safe.

The one complaint I hear most about it is that most people don’t like carrying a separate piece of equipment around. It’s really not that big of a deal. It’s rare that we are using the Pivit tool on every window anyway. Plus you can hang it on the ladder while moving it if you don’t want to make the extra trip.

Did I shine enough light?:slight_smile:

Thanks alot Seth. I now see the light.

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