Hey guys, I would like to know if is dead? I wanted to be a member of BOTH WCRA and MWCOA but it looks like there is no activity, alot of old post on their website. I don’t want to spend the $75 to join if I’m not going to get what I’m promised as a membership.


Yes, they havnt had an event in about 6 years.

My greatest accomplishment in life


I emailed them to see what was up… Apparently they had a change in management and many volunteers have stopped volunteering so it’s kind of put them behind the eight ball as far as a lot of things they do. Plus their webmaster had tried and they haven’t found anyone that could volunteer.

@sethfenster killed the MWCOA.


I just saw something like a week ago or so about the MWCOA. Kim Little the head muckity muck said they were coming back. But… that was pretty much it.

Thanks Seth…