Is "Power Wash Industries" well known in the pressure washing community?

I own a window cleaning company in Santa Barbara, CA and am getting into pressure washing. Ive been checking out all types of equipment and am doing a lot of research on it before I dive into the whole thing. I found a supplier (Power Wash Industries) that has trainings and seminars which I would want so I can check out the equipment first hand and really know what I’m getting myself into. The “boot camp” Training cost 1,495.00. My question is if any of you know of this company and if you think it is a good Idea to go through with. Thanks a lot for all of your input.

I would not take that class.

If you are willing to drive to Orange County, i will show you all the ropes in Power washing

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That’s a nice offer Doug!
mdgoldway - take him up on it! He’s a nice guy despite being a bit of a pain in my neck sometimes. just kidding Doug!:smiley:

Its nothing but love for ya Big T

Somebody has to keep me on my toes, right.:smiley:

I would not take that class. Save your money and buy a belt driven unit and have doug teach you. Good luck


Well thanks for all the advice guys! Doug I’ll be contacting you soon

Labor for learning is HUGE, jump on that.

If you just have to spend some money, come down to New Orleans next month for the Third Annual New Orleans Contractor Networking Event.

It’s not a “how to” event, although the Power Washers of North America are piggybacking a Boot Camp the same weekend. The NOLA Event will discuss business building techniques that will benefit any service business.

The networking is priceless. Making friends with guys who have been in business for decades and are multi-million dollar contractors and being one phone call away from the answer to any question is my main motivation for not only hosting NOLA but having attended other events in the past.

Third Annual New Orleans Contractor Networking Event

I think That couldn’t be more right. The best way to learn is through networking with other contractors. But to add on to that, I’ve recently learned a ton from local pressure washing suppliers.

Find a good store near you and spend some time there until they kick you out for asking too many questions.

Sunbrite Supply is doing a full day PW 101 class the Thursday before the NOLA Networking Event. It is[B][I][U] FREE[/U][/I][/B].

Anybody interested in getting into pressure washing would be silly to miss this.

From Pete Marentay, owner of Sunbrite Supply:

The class I am teaching on Thursday at NOLA is a great way to get the info you need for starting and growing a pressure wash company or for a service company that is adding pressure washing.

Introduction To Pressure Washing For Contractors
Starting with the basics of setting up a company and an office, we guide you through how to select and buy the right equipment for the work you do, how to set up a contractor-friendly pressure wash rig, basic cleaning techniques, the chemistry of cleaning, the environmental compliance aspect of cleaning, pricing basics, marketing your services, scheduling jobs, creating a business plan, and understanding a P & L.

From that point in our journey we give the student a look at how to do some typical residential and small commercial specialties like house & building washing, roof cleaning, and deck restoration. This is a fast-paced course designed to give a student a full range of information useful to contractors. The focus of this course is building a profitable, professional operation right from the start.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion for this course, which is an excellent marketing tool for any business.

The class will start at 9:00 AM and take most of the day to complete. The normal tuition for this class is [B]$199[/B], but the class is being sponsored by Sun Brite Supply so this class is [B]FREE[/B] for all students.

To register, please call Nichole at 877-5-SUPPLY.

There you go. Good deal.

NOLA will be great, I wish I could make it. Labor for learning is the next best thing.

Good luck

If you are still offering, I am interested in taking you up on learning power washing. I would be will to come to OC for a few days. Can you send me your address and contact info?

I think he’s in Boise ID now

That would be correct. SO Cal is sooooooooo over rated.

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So cal is beautiful, but the nice weather is to expensive now . We moved out 2 years ago and don’t regret it . We where actually thinking of moving to Boise , but we settle on Vegas .

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