Is SEO dead?

We have a large marketing agency responsible for our marketing. They handle a few big names so I trust them but one thing they said really had me wondering…

Apparently with the recent growth and push for online reviews, the agency claims that putting money into SEO is a waste of time and money.

Anyone else has any input on this? Located in Canada, Ontario

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I’ve had VERY low web presence, this year.

  • Adobe flash discontinued boned me, and I pretty much lost everything on my site, including ranking, and 300 some pages (dedicated cities, with every service for each having separate pages, linked together like a motherfucker!!!)

  • Thanks goodness for repeat and referrals, they kept me busy for a good 8 months this year.

  • The “new call” calls were from my Goole places page, which I dismissed before.

  • In hindsight, I realize that my site, pages, seo, etc was based on PC searches.

  • And now things are very location based.
    – truth told, I think the phone things is rediculous, and I feel there is another big change coming, but more about that some other time.

  • Example, why watch a youtube video (or tictoc for younger) with the phone Vertical, meaning the video is in the tiniest position possible?

  • When you could simply turn it horizontal, and get full screen/bretter resolution (this, with 4k video on demand)

  • because they dont know any better, and we have to sit here, waiting for time/ignorant users to adapt.

lol. rant = over
(but tell me Im wrong)

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Never worried about it. Only personal marketing on jobs I knew nobody could handle.

Good old word of mouth and visibility is all I need… So I far

Its late, and my brain is fuzzy. right now…

  • So you are 100% repeat and referral?
    (marketing jobs other cant handle)
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Anyone that says SEO is dead never learned how to properly perform SEO.

<— Former SEO specialist. I’ve seen it happen too many times.

SEO is not dead, SEO is hard. Social ads are much easier for these Johnny-Come-Latelies to sell. Social ads do not perform anywhere near as well as Google listings (where the searcher is already looking for your services).

Meanwhile, well more than half of my business comes in from my own SEO that I haven’t had to touch since 2018.


i haven’t done anything to mine since it was built for me several years ago. i do concentrate on getting reviews especially google reviews so my presence on maps is usually pretty good.
what about adding other domain names that link to either independant landing pages or somewhere in your website. i know this was a thing for a while then i heard it was nothing now i’m hearing it may be a good thing again? @ChrisTripleC

Correct :+1:t3:

This was coming from a huge marketing firm that takes care of some large brands - I wouldn’t say they ‘don’t know how to do SEO properly’.

Their point was that google ads and google local services vastly out power SEO.I’m not sure since I’ve never done a google ads campaign but im pretty sure they show up above any organic SEO you have set up no? is SEO cheaper?

Just because they are a big agency doesn’t mean they do great work. I’ve seen this numerous times from giant agencies. I’ve actually found that the smaller agencies take their time and are more apt to do things correctly.

What they got wrong is that Google Ads and Google Locals services are ultimately powered up by sound SEO practices.

Yes, they are pay to play, but the better and more relevant the pages that you are directing your Ads to, the cheaper the clicks, and the better your ads will perform (i.e. positioning, conversion rates, real estate taken up on the page). Google may be a money hungry global entity, but they also know that it hurts their brand if they show irrelevant or poorly constructed results.

When I still had my marketing agency, I wouldn’t take on a’la carte Ads clients that did not have a decent website to direct the ads to. The results in those cases were typically subpar, to say the least.

I would suggest asking your agency how important Ads metrics such as Quality Score, Landing Page Experience, Ad Relevance etc will be affected by ignoring SEO fundamentals. I would also suggest doing a little research on the above mentioned metrics so that you don’t get the runaround.

Thanks I’ll definitely look into it. We’ll be giving google ads a go next season so I’ll spend the winter doing a little research about the above mentioned.

I always used Google Adwords/Google Ads to compliment areas where I was weak.
-meaning, If I had strong presence in a certain are, or a certain service, I obviously wouldnt choose to do G-Ad there.

I dont consider ads as SEO though.