Is there anything that will soften Paint?

Is there anything that will soften paint for scraping?

I have some tough paint to remove.

Thanks Merv

Oil flo will.

It will also soften the paint below the window if you are not careful.

If the paint is thick, oil flo is best used in conjunction with a bag to cover the window.

I’d second the Oil-Flo suggestion. Try applying it directly to a white scrub pad and agitate the paint a little then scrape. Don’t forget the waiver!

What i use is paint remover… I have a local hardware store that will add a thickening agent to it. No run that way. I paint it on with a paint brush and scrape it off. Use caution. It is a paint remover. It ends up costing me about $5 / gal. But i charge $20 a window to remove it. It is time consuming and tedious work. This is for oil based paint of course. For water colors. just wet and scrape. thta stuff sucks worse that oil based paints

try safe restore, you might not even have to use a blade.

Craig Aldrich states that it cuts through oversparay paint like a warn knife through butter.

Where is Craig these days. Sure miss that guy. :frowning:

I know he’s super busy w/ his commitment on the IWCA BOD. I’m sure being on the tempered glass committee has him hoping w/ all the drama over there these days.