Is there such a thing as a small business auto dialer for reminder calls

I would like to automate more of my office stuff. I would like to come home and not have to make calls, and instead maybe talk my dog on a walk in daylight hours.

I am hoping there is a way to sort my customer list by say quarters with in the year, then also years. So i can send out a automated message i make, like this is window wisards calling to keep in touch, our records show you have not had the gutters cleaned in a year, and have not had the windows done in two years. Then this message will be sent out to the 50-60 such customers with the same status. And if someone picks up, great, i get buzzed on my phone.

Is this a fantasy? Does such a program exist i can record a message and send it out, and not spend so much time on the phone.

Yes there is… Telemarketers use it .
Expensive I would think.
How about a text program to send a text to cell phones?


I think the lack of personal touch could be a detriment.

I know that the second I get a robocall or a “Please hold, we have a very important message for you”, I put the number on my call reject list in my phone.

Pardon my question, but is there a real reason for a reminder call? I never do reminder calls and dont seem to have a problem. Do you take deposits?

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