Is this a scam?

99% sure this is a scam?

If so what’s the end goal for him, to have us house wash his house for free?

Hmmmm It could be , but send him an estimate. If he excepts let him know you need payment before jib is completed , becuase you’ve been burned before. It’s just my new company policy
Check only no credit card. Tel him you don’t except credit cards. Some scams work off of stolen credit cards.

Hell yes its a scam!!
He’s messaging you from maps right?
He should already have your phone number.

Next hes gonna ask who you use for cc processing.
Because he’s gonna want you to run a card and kick him back some of it. He is gonna give you more than your asking price by double.

Its a waste of time brotha.

Who wants work done like that? He can’t even speak english right. Dude is a fake.

The cards will go thru, but will be flagged and YOU will be the one on the hook for it.


This is why I turned Google Maps messaging off.

NOTHING but scammers. I get enough of them texting the business line.

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Nope , he’ll send you a check for twice the amount of your bid . Ask you pay the plumber , so you’ll deposit the check . Withdrawal x amount and send the money to a 3rd party plumber . Within a week or 2 the fake check will bounce and you’ll be out a lot .

They do this because it works , people fall for all the time .


We get them all the time , I do t even reply to them anymore

I’ve NEVER got a customer thru this either. Not even one.

Update: I just ended up not responding lol

If you say “I come back from my business trip late November and if this is what you can handle without me being there” nope.