Is this Bronze Wool fine enough for glass? (pic)

I have searched the internet for bronze wool and have only found the smallest size to be “FINE”.
Is this the finest size available for bronze wool?
Would the “Fine” size in the picture be safe to use on glass? I hope so, I already bought it. :o


Yes it is. Thats what we use and It works great. The only place around here that I found that carries bronze wool is Ace. Maybe check there before ordering online and save some money.

That’s funny…that’s where I bought it. I checked all the big stores first, then one last try before ordering online, I called the closest Ace Hardware. He said he had it. I couldn’t believe it.


Fine (000) [B]steel[/B] wool shouldn’t scratch glass either.

From Facebook:

John Pruitt I have used the fine and haven’t had any problems. It is more expensive but lasts much longer, doesn’t rust and does not have the oil residue that smears on hot windows that steel wool has.
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I’ve found that 000 does scratch sometimes. I only use 0000 steel wool. It states on the package that it can be used on glass.

Under what conditions?

The good thing about Ace is that you can go to there website and order as much as you want and have it shipped to with store and NO SHIPPING COST.

I use 000 bronze (the finest size available) and it works great. I’ve never had it scratch a window.

I don’t remember anymore. It was a couple of years ago. I had picked up a package of 000 by mistake when I was buying a tray of it at Home Depot. Didn’t realize it was 000 until I saw scratches in the corner of the window I was working on. They weren’t there when I started the window, looked at the package and saw it was 000.

I’ve never used bronze wool. I have only used steel wool.

Do you recall if the pane was heat-treated?

Were the scratches consistent with those caused by fabricating debris?