Is this how to start finding keywords?

Here’s the link if you need it. Is this how you find the right keywords? The numbers seem so low for the amount of weekly(?) searches. Any help on finding proper keywords tonight would be a huge help. @JaredAI

We do a lot of research on Lots of great SEO help on that site for a do it yourselfer. I found out the hard way SEO is not an overnight deal. There is a lot more to it than I thought.

Ugh, what a can of worms. There are two other window cleaning “companies” based at my business address. A UPS Store. They didn’t bother with a suite #, so mine doesn’t show up. Thanks though. What a mess.

That is a crazy mess if they are right there.

There are some pretty sharp SEO guys out there that can help you. I think there are a couple on this forum.

Jeez. My Google my business page is suspended too. Wow what a headache. I think someone else tried to claim I was closed. Or maybe cuz my site was down for a day?