Is this one a good starter?

[h=1]Simpson MegaShot 3100 psi 2.5 GPM Honda GC190 Engine Gas Pressure Washer[/h]

Don’t waste your money on this. Save more money and buy a proper machine. You will be much better off

You want at least 4gpm. Anything less then 4gpm is going to frustrate you.

thx,I’m planing to used only for decks,porches and exterior furniture that’s what my customers start asking me for!

Even if you plan to only use it as an add on service, you will be unhappy with this small machine. You see small machines on Craig’s list all the time. This is in part because many people realized what bought was too small. Save your money.

i’m with these guys. i’m trying to break into the pw business this year as a big-time add-on, and i’m working with a machine thats similar to the one you linked to. let me tell you, it sucks. it takes so much longer to do simple things that it’s almost not worth it. and i’ve received advice from serious power washer guys to not even try to do this on the cheap. either spend the couple g’s it takes to get the right equipment, or don’t bother.

i’m currently looking to get 5gpm cold water machine and a whisper wash classic surface washer. way more money than i thought i wanted to spend, but i’m serious about building this part of my business. everyone who does this stuff insists you’ll make your money back quick so it’s not worth wasting $ on cheap stuff you’ll have to replace soon anyway.

read through this thread i started over at PWR to get the same education i did.

Yea its nice to have one of those nice big pressure washers but if your not rolling in the dough and you will make you money back pretty quick its definetly worth it until you can upgrade. I got a 2.5 gpm briggs and stratton 2800 psi that ive used for the past 7 months. Ive probably payed for it 10 times over and it does those type of jobs your looking to do just fine. Im also using the a small surface cleaner to do driveways and sidewalks which is what has made the size no big deal… Ill soon be getting a 8gpm rig to make house washing more efficient but my small rig has served it purpose. I payed 280-300 for mine at lowes

Thank you all for the great info!

I can speak from both sides. We started with a little pea shooter. Yea it may clean but you are not making any money. Too much time. Made me hate life. Beg or borrow the money to get a 4gpm machine at least.

Don’t waste your money on that. If you can’t afford a good one yet, find an equipment rental place near you, and rent one of their machines for the days when you need it. It will probably cost you $60 bucks per rental. I did that 3 times, and had made enough to buy a nice one.

Also, when I needed to buy a second unit, I contacted the equipment rental place I had the relationship with, and bought one of their used machines for 40% of retail. It is still running strong.

I did this too Michael. Nothing wrong with renting. I have rented a 32 ft ladder a couple times too. The $300 or $400 you will spend on a cheap machine will end up being flushed down the toilet. As soon as you realize it’s too small you will also realize you can’t sell it for even half what you paid for it.

You can still make money because I still charged 50-75 hour and priced it for how long it would take me with the small machine not how long it would take if I had a 4gpm rig. And every time you rent it is just like throwing money away you will never see that money again. If your just doing a few jobs I can see the sense, but if your on a limited budget and dont want to go into debt, miss out on some extra work, and want to wait to get a good pressure washer (at least 2 grand in my book). Plus at worse you can get 100-200 from selling an old 300 cheap one.

And IMHO if your planning on doing house washing save up for an 8gpm instead of 4 gpm because if you decide to sell that 4gpm to get a 8gpm down the road you will loses out on a lot more money than you would if you sold a 300 dollar cheap one…