Issues with roofers leaving tar streaks from shingle drops

here is a direct copy of the servicemagic quote I got in my inbox of this guys problem. I’m wondering what would be the best way to go about this, or if anyone has had any similar experiences. I have experience downstreaming and am wondering if a strong mix of sh would even out what they apprently attempted to do, or if there is a cleaner to help remove what seems to be residue from the shingles left over. I just got this in my inbox and the guy lives about an hour from me so I’m trying to predetermine if Its even worth my time to go out and quote etc. here is what he sent me :
Recent reroofing project left black marks on light gray siding as they stripped the old shingles and let them fall to the ground; roofing company used a product called KRUD to remove over 200 black marks; that left shiny spots darker than the original gray vinyl; they then pressure washed with a siding cleaner and that did not resolve the problem. I need professional cleaning help.


very insightful, thanks :open_mouth:


Here is something I found from another forum. He lists many of the products I thought of and then some. I think ultimately the entire area would need to be cleaned otherwise spotting will be the new look. Personally, I think I would politely decline this job. Good luck.

“Bob, the secret material you are looking for is called DeWitts Remove-It.It is a citrus based cleaner in a pump spray bottle and works great on vinyl and aluminum siding.I am a roofing contractor in Akron, Ohio and over the years I have tried wd-40,choke and carb cleaner,kerosene,acetone,tsp,mineral spirits,paint thinner and any other cleaner or solvent you could name.All were unsatisfatory.You can spray this stuff on a scuff mark and the mark will disolve before your eyes and drip right off the siding.Be carefull with re-painted aluminum siding cause it can remove the top layer of paint.We use it on 1-2 marks on almost every job,usually along side a dormer. You are gonna need LOTS of clean rags and you will have to do the entire wall or you will have hundreds of clean spots on the siding where the scuffs used to be.”

Hm maybe a graffiti remover of some sort

I had removed tar splatter on vinyl siding with Magic Eraser. You can find in a supermarket in the cleaning isle. DAM! I just gave away my secret weapon

I think everyone already knew about the magic erasers… no offense :slight_smile:

I use the magic eraser to shape my eyebrows

Thanks for the help guys. I think I’m leaning towards passing. The issue is not removing the tar ( that was already accomplished ) the issue, I believe, is that it caused irregularity to his siding. I’m wondering if he has some oxidizing going on and perhaps the roofing company removed some of this when they cleaned off the tar smears? What do you think?

u betcha

Why isn’t he contacting the roofing company and telling them to straighten out the problem?

short of them replacing all his siding, I dont see what they are going to be able to do for him… they probably told him its not their fault and moved on to the next job

I’m quite sure the right attorney could help the roofing contractor figure out what he could do for the customer who’s home now looks like crap

Are you such said attorney? Because my home looks like crap and everyone I complain to about it doesn’t seem to care :slight_smile:

Yes, I am an attorney… wasting my $375 per hour time in a window cleaning forum. Please enlighten us as to why your home looks like crap and why you think no one seems to care. I get paid to listen.

Not something to mess with yourself John. Call around for an experienced powerwasher that has experience with oxidation removal on siding. The roofers removed the oxidation that is on your siding leaving those blotches looking new. You need someone who can remove all of the oxidation on all of the siding.

I know this is an old thread, but this is exactly what’s happened to my siding. Tar from the roofers, they cleaned it with acetone, and blotches everywhere, my wife is really upset.