It turned green!

I was trying to clean a white screen door that I am rescreening with Simple Green full strength. It wasn’t doing as good a job as I wanted so I wiped it down and started to use Krud Kutter on a rag. After a minute or so the frame started to turn green!! I frantically started wiping it down with plain water and a rag but too late. It is green. Now I will have to spray paint the doors white before screening them and returning them to the customer. Anyone ever have this happen?

Whoops…Well it has not happened to me yet…Knock on wood…

Does the green match the grass…if so maybe they won’t notice.:slight_smile:

How many doors?

Just the one I cleaned turned green. But I’ll have to paint them both so they match. It is a little bit of a “money pit” house, but still odd the thing up and turned on me.

Well maybe it was a chemical reaction between the Simple Green and Krud Kutter and the oxidation on the white frame of the door.

Just be careful if you clean any more frames on that house, when you do any other rescreens for them.

Could be. I thought it cleaned it off enough. Lesson learned I guess. I do have other screens from that house but they are just getting soapy water wash and rescreening!

Yeah Hot soapy water works wonders and it won’t turn stuff green.

Good Luck…

It is always a good idea to make a material test first. But even so, things like that will happen. Only people that don´t do anything will cause no damage.

I’d try a Magic Eraser on it before painting.

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It is a new regular customer who lost their previous window cleaner, so the fresh paint on the screen doors looks good and for the low cost of paint/primer I may have just earned another loyal customer.

Unless you have a spray gun and experience, they could also come out looking badly. I’m not saying you will do a bad job, just pointing out potential problems.

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Just re read your post and saw that you’ve done it already and they look good so kudos for making things right.

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I know. It actually looks better than before it turned green! I also understand how to use spray paint, so that helps.