It's Alive!

After a long… long delay, my website is finally up and running. Let me know what you guys and gals think. Purus Windows

Looks good John…what program did you use to build? Looks like you have a little graphic design talent. BTW - I like your biz name too.

Thanks! I do most of my programming by hand. I do use visual studios, but I rarely, if ever, use the wysiwyg editor. I prefer to hand code almost everything, that way I know what’s going on if there’s a problem.

I also wanted to ask if any one wants to swap links? If so pm me.

Looks like a good start John! I put a link on my site.

Jwebb, I placed a link to your website on mine. My URL is


All right. You’re linked on mine!

I just added a link on my site to mistersqueegee and jwebbs site.

Mine is in my signature .