It's official!

Let my boss know that I’m pursuing my business full time this spring. Now I just need to get the work!

They were actually really cool about it. Took me a little off guard. I offered to stay there doing some part time work (cleaning oriental rugs and doing leather repair) which they accepted, and they offered to keep me on their health insurance. That’s huge for me because that was one of my fears about leaving and being the sole provider for a family of 4, aside from not making enough money, was not having health insurance.

Congratulations!! Great to hear!

Even better! :slight_smile:


Congrats… today is a great day for you!

Thanks guys! It is a great day. I’m nervous as hell though now

I set up responsibid on Monday though and already had 2 people get an estimate and one clicked that they are ready to schedule. Gave him a call, but no response yet.

What’s the saying? “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”. Congratulations. You will be fine.

Very encouraging. What did you do full time? I am still needing to take the leap myself. Same situation. Family of 4 to feed and no insurance. Congratulations. Wish you the best.

Clean and Bright Window Cleaning & More

I was the service manager of a carpet cleaning company

I made 25% of my salary last year working primarily on Sunday. That was without a website and pretty minimal advertising.

All the best to you Tim! Thats a huge decision for sure!!

Good deal. Very happy for you

Welcome to self employment.

ARC Powerwashing
Alex Curry

Thanks, I feel much more confident giving it a try with the website that Anya built me.

Nice brotha… I know it’s hard not to be nervous, but let that feeling drive and strive baby!

being nervous is good motiviation to work your ass off…Kill it man!

Thanks. Hope it’s enough drive!

Good luck and go kick some a**!



That’s super news!! And kudos to your (now) “semi-employer”. :slight_smile:

You are gonna do great. Sounds like you have good experience in your current job plus 4 reasons to be motivated. You will look back in 5 years and be glad you made the move. Good luck!

BTW, I quit my job almost 6 years ago to start a window cleaning business before I ever cleaned a window. Haven’t missed a mortgage payment since so it can be done.

Good to hear Tim,
Give it hell and don’t look back!

Thats the plan. It’s my time to shine!