I've got a bass pro bid

Ok. I have my estimate done on this one. I just would like some feedback on what YOU would bid and to see if I’m close. Keep in mind all the obstructions it’s 42 feet hight inside outside plus frames and sealer on the outside. It’s just me doing the work. And the windows have NEVER been cleaned.

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OMG!! you know your gonna go right back in a spend it there

Ru using a wfp ?

Yes. Outside and indoor WFP cleaning too.

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Going to have some difficult access for some. Height issues as well.

I was asked to bid high glass for the one in town. Jan Pro doesn’t it here.

When the store rents a lift to change out the animals, is when the high glass would get done.
From my store, it would seem you would need at least 45ft to reach those. If not 50 + getting away from obstacles, racks etc…

Never cleaned, not sure i would use indoor pads. Maybe more like strip/squeegee then buff with a pad.
Frames i would do with a pad,depending how much junk is on them. Still got drywall chunks and dust on them etc.??
Then i would do 1.5x to 2x what i would charge for normal.

Would probably do a trad / wfp combo being an initial clean and or trad only. Next cleaning wfp.

difficult casement count and hard access count would help, plus total count. Just a thought

Good luck

What kind of lift would you guys use for that?

what kind of lift would you guys use for that?

i wouldn’t even bother with wfp on either side. especially if they’ve NEVER been cleaned.

i would be checking out the biggest articulating lift that will fit inside that dump. that cost + around $1500 should do it.

How much U ganna bid that for??

while taking every scenario possible into account plus expenses I am looking aroung 8,000. since it is a first time cleaning plus all the obstacles height and sealer. It seems no one has ever touched this. I am considering a wfp for all of it the insides would be pads. I’ve never driven a lift and am not licensed for it. there would be two needed one for the inside perhaps a genie and a scissor for the front which still would not reach because of the boat and animals above it. the back or cave as they call it would be inaccessible with either lift. And there is not much room for a ladder. I don’t want to charge too much but Im not trying to go too cheap either.

yea you may be right. Im looking into a boom lift now.

PM sent! Would like to talk to you