Iwca parties!

So when are you guys are having a party…is there even a actual party or is everynight a “party” anyway,

I ask this cause i want to know when to go and leave fromthere…i was thinking wed-sat. is anything big planned for sat night? let me know!

Chris and Alex are leaving Sat morning, so I can assure you that you wont be missing any parties on Saturday night. there should be a big party on Friday being that it’s my birthday and all. Don’t hesitate to bring a gift, I like diamonds and booze!!

I’m going to try to get there Wed and we’ll leave Fri or Sat.

Great!! Don’t forget the diamonds and booze!!!

Linda, Linda you don’t have to get me anything. Just showing up is all I ask.:smiley:

Tony I’ll show up as long as I have someone to babysit my hogtied roomate. I wouldn’t want him to accidentally roll off the balcony in a desperate attempt to identify some fabricating debris on the neighbors windows.

Perhaps you should take a refresher class on hogtying. I mean if done properly there should be no danger to the hostage er… I mean friend. :smiley:

Maybe you can do the tying and there won’t be any worries, plus I won;t have to pay for a babysitter!