IWCA St. Pete, who's gonna be there, what's going on?

Hi everyone,

I am planning on going to the event thurs, fri, saturday.

A main objective is to check out the new Pure Water Systems (especially Shawn’s).

Just wondering who else from the forum is gonna be there. I have never been to one of these events. Well, I was in NOLA last year. But that was pretty small to what this should be. I suppose I will just walk around and see who I run into. Are there any highlights or anything scheduled that is recommended?

I am not planning to buy a ticket, but just visit in hopes of meeting some of you in person.

Thanks, Christopher Thibodeau
Let there be Light
Window Cleaning

Be sure to hit me up on my cell so we can get together!


Arrived about 2 hours ago. We met in NOLA. Look forward in seeing you again. Call or text anytime.

Be there in the AM, see ya then!