IWCA Training Session

I attended the IWCA Training Session in Cincinnati, OH on Fri 4/25/08.

The majority of the meeting was around rigging and tieing off and do’s and don’ts regarding that. It was pretty good. It was the first one I attended, but some other’s who have attended in the past told me it was very similar to what they have heard before.

Did anyone else attend??

I was there. Hopefully you learned something from Kent & Jack those 2 were the ones giving the course on the wall. I believe Larry & Jon were conducting the lift course.

Did you attend the window cleaning competition?

Did you get any pictures Craig?

Not really. Just a few pics of downtown,i had to judge the window competition so…i was across from all the other action for the most part.Was a busy couple of days my Man!

I did however meet alot of cool dudes…as usual;)

Yes, I did see the competition. Right after lunch, right?? I didnt compete, but it was alot of fun to watch.

The guys on the wall were good, and the guys on the lift were a little droning. They are good guys who know thier stuff, but I just didnt get a whole lot out of it. Stephan talked on the ladders, as well, outside. He pretty much ran the whole thing, from what I could tell. If not “ran” he was at least the featured speaker.

Cool! Yeah…i was the 2nd judge on the middle glass. Should have come up and said hi!:wink: