Jackazz Marketing Bloopers

I am curious, what are some of your marketing goof up? I don’t mean you had a bad mailer or something, I mean silly stuff.

I have a few I can share-

When I first started out I got contacted by an advertiser. At the time I wanted to plaster my name everywhere (I was into Guerrilla Marketing at the time) Anyway, they were selling these phone book covers… yeah, a vinyl sleeve to shove your big lunky YP in.

She says “are ya interested?” I am like, not really. She says “what if I can get you on the front of the cover” I am like BAD AZZ! Sign me up. They sent me 20 of these turds to hand out (the rest allegedly get put out in “new homeowner packs” :wink:

When I seen these things I threw them right in the trash, with only memories of that $260 I once had. [B]Lesson:[/B] Use EXTREME caution with advertisers that feast on eager small businesses.

Than there is fliers… that I love so. I remember passing out about 500 one day. I was like, “heck yeah, I can’t wait for that phone to start screaming!”

It seems I did not pay attention to the wind factor. As I drove back down a street I left fliers, I noticed all of these papers blowing through peoples yards. I thought “what jackazz throws papers all over?” It looked like a bomb went off in a paper plate factory…

I BOOKED outta there! (leaving 500 pieces of evidence with my name and # on them lol)

[B]Lesson:[/B] Pay attention to the environment around you

CFP Wrote: [B]Lesson:[/B] Use EXTREME caution with advertisers that feast on eager small businesses.

Those were good ones CFP.
It seems like I have been getting alot of sales calls here this week. Most of them are from India:(. I started acting like Dustin Hoffman in the movie “Rain Man”. Its hilarious! The conversations go something like this:

Salesman: Uh yes, May I speak with Steve? (Indian accent very noticeable)
Steve: NOOOO!
Salesman: Um excuse me sir?
Steve: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (my best Rainman impersonation).
salesman: Im sorry sir, I am calling from the internet yellow pages about your free listing.
Salesman: Click!

Works like a charm and is pretty fun. I can hardly wait for the next 800 number to pop up on the caller ID:D

Thats hilarious!