Jan 6th WFP in Ohio?

Hi everyone, If you told me I would be using my water fed pole in January in Ohio, I would have laughed in dis-belief!
We cleaned a house and a business today with the water fed pole as the temp climbed through the upper 30’s and ended at 45 degrees.
Took some pics for proof, and so that I could remember.
Yes that is snow on the ground and it is melting.
Tomorrow, we actually have two houses scheduled and it may get above 50 degrees. That is two amazing things to happen in Jan in OH. 1) 50+ degrees and 2) Two houses in one day in January!
Thought I would share with you, by the way we had to knock snow off out hose shut off valve ( usually it is grass clippings!)
Enjoy the pics,

Yea, it is supposed to be 45 tomorrow too. I am going to work tomorrow, no water fed pole just regular bucket and squeegee. It looks like Monday and Tuesday will be in the 40"s also. I know for a fact in 16 years I have never worked in January.

Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

You got that right!
1 less day of nasty cold…

Hey Matt,

Yes, it’s awesome when we get weather like this in January. Really glad to hear you have 2 lined up for tomorrow.

But here’s what I really want to know:

How in the heck did you not only do the 6th’s work today (the 5th), but you also managed to get pics of your time-trip. :confused::o

Good management skills!
Okay typo, whoops, I wondered when someone would catch that.
I was thinking of the next day if that counts.
Good job, and careful reading.
Thanks for the reply.


Actually I started thinking that I posted too quickly. Started second-guessing “Wait, maybe Matt’s title is referring to tomorrow??”

Anyways, you and I know that tomorrow is supposed to be excellent weather for the glass ~ like you said: 50 degrees in Ohio in January - Who would think it? :slight_smile:

How about this, here is some pics of one of the houses that we are actually supposed to do on the sixth.

Kind of scary, that I have the pics today…
Okay, this one has been a customer for years and we took a lot of pics, for the possibility of installing rain flow. But she wanted it priced in sections, so we took a lot of pics to avoid confusion about where we were talking. She never did order rain flow,but we still do her gutters anyway.

Hey Matt, awesome bud! Glad to hear you guys are using the warmth the right way. We also had a warm one today in KS, in the mid sixty’s. So we water fed poled an exterior this afternoon while it was warm. I say we, but actually I went golfing :slight_smile: my full timer was using the WFP.
Then I came home and we took our son on a bike ride, in Jan! How cool is that!? :smiley:

Pretty amazing! So, Matt and anyone else in OH; how often do you get residentials in January? I actually did an estimate today, but this would be for the spring.

That sounds even better than our day, nice.

The one house we did today, was a new customer that we estimated in early Oct 2011, and her neighbor saw us counting windows, asked for a quote and had his done the next day.
But this lady said she was waiting on a roofer to do some work first, so the roofer finished in early Dec. and we set her appointment the week before the holiday, per her request.
Two days before, she cancelled because the lawn care guy was to be coming to trim the bushes near the windows.
The week after Christmas she said not to come until after the new year because she had family coming for an extended stay.
Therefore Thursday the 5th of Jan was her first available day!
So this was not a common schedule time, however one of the two tomorrow, is an out only every 2 months. We are glad for the promise of another nice day.