Janitors/Window Cleaners Protest Brings Minneapolis To A Halt

Protesters supporting janitors seeking higher pay and more sick time took to the streets Thursday morning, blocking downtown streets at the peak of the morning rush hour, which caused massive traffic jams on I-94 and I-35W in Minneapolis. Marchers, carrying banners to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, took over 12th and 11th Streets and the area of 3rd Avenue to 5th Avenue S., Minneapolis Police spokesman John Elder confirmed. At the 5th Avenue exit off I-35W, some protesters played music as they choked off all cars from entering downtown. Read More

My first response: why are you making less than $15 per hour? Do you suck at your job? Are you a new hire?

My second response would be: you’re fired, you’re fired, you, oh yes, you sir, you are fired…

But it’s union so what can you do?

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