JBF- Stainless Steel or Regular?

I personally prefer regular, i.e don’t chip as easily. IMO. What do you guys use? Just curious

Stainless. Have several boxes left too.

For CCU the regular are fine. Of course I’d recommend you only use the blade for a day and then change to avoid the chance of a rusty blade doing damage.

Agreed. But with stainless how do you know long it has sat in the holder? It never rusts. Don’t know about you guys but I dont use my triumph everyday…

I have two of them and one is allways on my belt. I pretty much use it all the time. I also change my blade at the end of every day. It might be more expensive but I buy in bulk and never worry about the blade being rusted or damaged from a previous job.

JBF stainless steel is [I]not[/I] rust-free (over time.)

I picked up a heavy-duty Triumph – it’s really burley!

Hey Larry, what made you decide to buy the heavy-duty model? Had you previously broken or wore out the regular version?

When I upgraded to the Triumph, I bought two of them because I had worn out my old Ettore scraper and I figured I might as well buy a backup. But so far it has held up remarkably well.

Fellow Advanced,

I use them both…The stainless last longer in the handle of my triumph as a standard everyday tool ! It does bend and brake much easier but I can leave it in my handle indefinitely or until it gets dull. It also gets dull faster then the straight steel blade, so when doing CCU you go through a lot more faster !

Now the regular steel ones don’t dull as fast and are much sturdier and you won’t go through as many when doing CCU. Still leaving the steel blade in the handle overnight causes immediate rusting !

So they both have a a place in the diametrics of razoring !

David Gutierrez / Advanced Window Cleaning Service, Seattle Washington

I’ve got about 8 Triumphs between the MK2 and MK3 models, plus 1 or 2 each of the respective angled models for pole work. Oh yeah, I have a Z40 somewhere, but never really cared for it.

All my handles show considerable wear, and I’ve cracked a few covers over the years (I have some extras.) The blade holder insert-thingy gets worn over time, so I replace them when required.

I use stainless blades for “standard” cleaning, carbon for CCU cleaning, and purchased the heavy-duty for a specific commercial CCU where I thought I would appreciate the additional blade thickness.

Oh yeah – what was the question?

It’s obvious by your collection how long you have been in the business. Also, I know you aren’t afraid to use your scrapers either. I think many window cleaners are afraid of scraping these days, so their scrapers really never get used and last forever.

Good info you gave regarding what blades work well with particular cleanings. You mentioned “thought I would appreciate the additional blade thickness.”, did you not find it to be beneficial for that particular job?

recently using a 6 " Unger scraper but i find prising the cover off is a pain when up my ladder. im going to whittle off a tad of the plastic cover so it slips on and off easier

BEFORE that i had a Triumph 2000/40 but the slide mechanism never worked easily 1 handed . could be i bought a badly moulded one

I have worn out a couple Triumph through the years but recently upgraded to the Heavy Duty, I like it a lot. And I only use the Stainless, when I use a scraper that is. Not as often as I used to with FD. lol

English Jon…

Say you should get a leather work pouch to have on your work belt, then you can just shove your scraper in pouch with the lid off, with the blade down.

This will make for quicker production work or not fiddling with it on the ladder. Or messing with it at every window , it’s cutting out time and effort !

A leather pouch such as in the picture are much heavier duty and can really handle the
razor slicing it, longer life ! Plus they have other function also.

Never put your handle in the pouches loops with the lid off nor into other holsters. Those 6’ razors don’t care who you are nor what race or nationality or gender we are, they’re looking to slice you any chance they can get.

Once years ago I figured I could handle it being in my squeegee holster with no lid, and I should remember it was there while doing production work ! I figured having the lid off would make things go faster !

Well, as I was working I reached back to get my squeegee and sliced myself pretty, pretty, pretty bad. I have sliced myself a lot working with them things and they give you no warning when they are about to slice !

I always carry butterfly band aids to be able to do first aid and if the slice isn’t to deep they work just as good as going to the clinic to get stitched up, DEEP SLICES need doctors attention !

Dange / Bringing in the Range

Good advice Dave!!

Hey BTW, is that a fishing net in your van? Nice :slight_smile:

that leather pouch looks the bees knees Dave, where did you get it from? it looks as if you have had it many years, but is so well made (hide leather?) it will last forever !

i have a flimsy leather pouch, i believe it was intended to be a ladies handbag ! and im not proud of it.

Hey Jeremiah

Yes it is…I guess everyone knows now that I’m a PHISH KELLAR, Oh Yeah ! I’ve got my pole hanging from the roof but the stupid pouch is blocking THE VIEW…Oh and I think Elisabeth Hasselbeck is cool but I think her brother in law stinks.

Back at you Jeremiah !