Jeep wrangler window cleaning rig

Hi everyone,
Does anyone here use a jeep wrangler for their own window cleaning “truck”. If so, do you have a ladder rack on top? What is your set up like. Any info would be good and helpful for I use a jeep as my only truck right now and trying to make the most of it.


Brett Bailey has a Wrangler, there are some photos posted somewhere here. As well as his interview in the WCBO mag.

It’s definitely possible… One of our company friends/competitors has Thule racks on top, I think, and it looks good!
I’m a sucker for a jeep, just think it would be to small for all the things we do.

My brother in law had a hitch on his jeep and put his little giant ladder and bucket in a rack that slide in the hitch.

He mainly did houses and it worked better than with route work but it worked. Plus it looked great on the weekend. I would love to work out of a fj cruiser but I don’t think I’ll ever pull the trigger on that.

Wow this is great motivation. I think the only problem I have right now is that I have a soft top. But do you know if there are any type of regulations regarding hauling a ladder around on a small vehicle like this? I doubt it but not sure

Regulations? In so many words…it better be safe. Get some sort of legit rack and make sure those things are tied down, never coming off!
There is no worse feeling than seeing your ladder come off the car at 60 MPH. It’s not really “will I get a ticket”… It’s “will I cream the guy on a motorcycle behind me if this thing comes off?”

Yea I know what you’re talking about its defiantly a pucker factor.

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Leave it to larry to chime in !!

I drive a Jeep Cherokee Sport. Sorry no pics but I took the back seat out and put a plywood as the base. I carry a 30gal container for water. I am not as busy as most but it works for me. I fitted a 4" pvc tube on the upper/inside driver side for my poles. Plenty of room for squeegees and unger buckets, etc. My ladders I carry and strap on top of carriage. I will take some pics and post some time.