Jersey Vacation

Hey all,
Will be at the Jersey Shore from July 2nd to the 9th. Any one close by who would like to meet up for coffee, drinks, dinner breakfast or lunch please let me know. Would like the chance to network with my fellow brothers and sisters in the window cleaning business.
Noble Window Cleaning

Word - Thats Rays area, and close to me… And there has been a ton of Jersey guys on the site lately. We should put together a day and all meet up.

What town are you going to be vacationing in?

We will be staying in Brielle, close to Manasquan and Sea Side Heights. Wo:uld love to meet up with any of you all…:slight_smile:

Sounds great Chris. Met Ray in Maryland at West Minster. Would like to see him again. Let me know what would work for you all. Not afraid to drive up to north Jersey. Used to visit the Bloomfield area years before my family moved to Brielle.

met you in md also…I would head south to meet up…havent been at the shore in a long time…Brielle…What was the name of that bar that was Hoping on Sunday afternoons…memories!!

I may just be there that weekend. A little lunch and talk would be fun.

IF I’m not working I’m usually down the shore on the weekends, so let em know if you need a drinking buddy:)

Just an update bro. You have to call me. I’m so busy now with the military and running the business I’m sure I will forget your in town. If your going to be in Sea Side, that’s 5 mins from the house, surely give me a call a day before or so. Even if I have to work the next day I’ll met up with you. It’s not the type of town you want to be walking in, in some places. Lots of drug addicts and scamers. Even worse in the summer as more people down from the cities. Bring a boat load of change though, They charge like $2 per hour for parking and be careful on the side roads. Most of the homes have assigned parking spaces that they pay the town for in their taxes and you can bet 100% that if they come home and your in their space your going to be looking for your car at the local towing shop and paying through the nose to get it back.

UGH Sleazeside, haven’t set foot in that steroid wonderland since I got banned for life from Sawmill at 22 years old. Large quantities of Jager + my friends + a group of smartmouth fratboys = torn up pizza place lol

I’m more of a Long Branch / Asbury / LBI guy now , I guess this is growing up.

I think I will run down for the day as well. I need a beach day badly!

Anyone who is going to be in the area give my cell a call. 973-534-8179

you have to be joking right? I can agree with LBI but man those other two? I’ll take a sea side beach any day. I grew up 15 minutes from those two **** holes. Asbuy and long branch are great places to get robbed, mugged and killed seriously. Hey if this was the 1940’s I would say great places but now those two places are filled with the lowest of the low, thugs, white trash and the great MS13. There are only 3 beaches in the mid to northern part of jersey that are worth spending time on. Point pleasant beach, LBI and Sea Bright. The rest are hit or miss in regards to safety. You might argue a good one for belmar but they too have invisible lines where as if you walk too far you risk life and limb. I’m always amazed at the beaches here. We have some of the longest coast line of beach in the county, yet there are so many crappy towns in so many of the beaches. I’m shocked that the rich have not come here, bought everything, rasied taxes and pushed out the trash. I agree with sea side. I don’t let my wife go to that beach alone. But the advantange of being local, is there are plenty of other beaches to hit up that are clean and safe. :slight_smile:

I like Belmar myself… But let me know when this is happening and ill zip down for the day… Should be fun

Have you been through Long Branch lately… it looks like Miami Beach now! Ok, I’ll give you that 15 years ago you were taking you life in your hands walking down Ocean Ave at night, I was 2 blocks away from a triple shooting murder where Avenue is now in 1996-ish, walking to the party and heard the pops… but now its safe as can be.

Asbury, well, its Asbury, The Sunny Ghetto, but me and that town have a lot of history, so I have a soft spot for it :slight_smile:

Dude your talking about a 1/4 mile worth of board walk compared to the whole town. Would you stay on that beach after dark? I dare you to walk across hwy 36 into town. Walk up main st and enjoy the walk. Might want to take long quick steps. Those two towns are like atlanic city. you can polish a turd all you want but it’s still going to be a turd. :slight_smile:

Ha fair enough Ray. Yeah, anything off Ocean Ave is shady, but when your local beaches are Perth Amboy and Keansburg, the sandy 'hoods of Monmouth County look like paradise lol.

Only saving grace is that our northern beaches all have a nice view of NYC :slight_smile:

Edit: I just got the urge to go to Donovan’s Reef, I love that place

LOL keansburg and amboy lol. thats the raritan bay lol. i would never go to one of those so called beaches. there was a water report last week that stated because of it’s location being directly across from NYC the fecal matter and industrial waste is way above normal. LOL then people from NYC wonder why guys like me hate it when they come down to my local beaches. stay at your own beach, you are already putting enough **** in mine. lol. that smoggy view is nothing to write home about. it was nice when the towers where there, but now it looks like an overgrown version of newark.
Now D-'s reef, your aging me. lol. Best place on the entire jersey shore. many a day spent there getting bombed. many a sunday spent there way tooo late and then having to call out of work for monday. only place on the shore that makes a sunday afternoon feel like a early friday release from work. seriously best place on the shore. but dont tell any of the sea side tonys ok. lol

BTW your not that far from where i grew up. Belford :slight_smile: 35 years. but im not paying 12k in taxes for my childhood stomping grounds.

Ah, my sister lives in Middletown right up the block from Belford. I always make it a point to swing by the “Clerks” store in Leonardo whenever I make it down that direction.

Donovan’s IS the best place on the shore, just gotta be careful leaving, Sea Bright 5-0 are no joke. I bartended at The Quay right up the block 2 years ago, used to sit there and watch Benny after Benny get pulled over on 36 lol

LOL that’s for you and everyone else, no ticky for me :D. My brother used to live in sea bright for 15 years and was best friends with the x chief of police (passed on) who’s sister still works on the force. Her and my bro had a thing going on for a few years. I can drive in that town 1/2 nude and not get a ticket. In fact it happened once. No lie. :smiley: In fact too many things happened with me in that town and the police. I was always sent home with the “How many times do i have to tell you to stop f-ing around? get the hell home and tell your brother he owes me again!!” lol

Ray, your posts crack me up. I can picture all these things happening to you. Give me a call if you that weekend and we’ll try to get together.