I started using this new free service last month, and I am pretty hooked at this point. Basically its like a free virtual assistant. You dial this free 800 # from your cell phone and asks you who you would like to jott. You say yourself and then it takes a 30 second audio recording of what you say. It then takes that audio recording and transcribes what you said. It then emails that to you as well as sends you it in text message form.

You can also set up other names and contacts in there. For example you can set up your wife, you put in her cellphone and email address on the website. So you hit jott on your cell phone speed dial. It says who do you want to Jott… you say “wife” and begin speaking "honey please pick me up roast beef for dinner and a 6 pack of Pabst blue ribbon Best Thanks!!! It then texts, and emails her that info…

The possibilities are pretty endless with this lets say for example you have a few employees, you set them all up in there under a category… Its supposed to snow and rain tomm and you want to cancel work. Just give jott a call say “employees” Then say " hey guys its supposed to rain and snow tomorrow, we are going to take the day off thanks guys enjoy the day!" bang it just took care of 8 phone calls in about 30 seconds… All your employees just got your message and know they don’t need to come in tomorrow.

Yeah its pretty sweet, at first its a little tricky but after a couple of days you’ll wonder how you ever lived with out it.

This thing is amazing been using all day

I’ve been using Jott more and more recently. You can even set reminders. It’s a great free service. Thanks Chris. You still using it often?

Yeah man I still use it daily. I found out that they actually have live people transcribing what you say…

I use that and [B]Remember the milk[/B] All day

Amazing. How do you find all this stuff?