July Contest Of the Month

Ok were gonna do a best WC related video this month. Best or most original WC Video uploaded here to the Video section of the WCR forum wins the mystery prize. I stole this idea from Mark’s video so Mark even though you uploaded this in the last 2 Hrs of June your video is eligible. Also it has to be you in the video it cant just be some random You tube video.

We also have another side contest going this month with a $5000 value. Youll have to watch the last episode of WCR Nation for details on that though.

I bet your secret warehouse would be crammed with Sörbo product by now if your location wasn’t “The Internet.”

I loves me some WCR Nation video!

Those mail order boys make me laugh.

(…I’ve got the outfit & practised the dialoque, just need a plane ticket).

Karl I am dead serious about the offer.

You only forgot the 1 minor detail:

I like Chicken wings :slight_smile:

I would do it in a second, (Wear a dino suit) but my passport isn’t up to date.

So far Mark from Beautiful View is in the lead! 2 stellar videos this month…

Here is my entry:

what a joke. lol

And … the winner is Mark from Beautiful View Window Cleaning.

Mark wins the Triumph Scraper Holster pictured below.

Yay Mark!

Attaboy, Mark!

Thanks – I appreciate your straightforward video reviews.

Cool, finally a proper scraper holster!

Or is it?..we shall see. :stuck_out_tongue: