June is National Safety Month

Any plans to focus on fall prevention, chemical usage, emergency preparedness, etc.?

Implementing tailgate safety meetings?

Reviewing procedures?

Do you have all the tools and resources to help you increase safety awareness at your company?

Our Monthly safety meeting was today. Topic: Working safely in the heat.

June is also Aphasia Awareness Month.

(Aphasia: The impairment of the ability to use or comprehend words.)


This is really no joke… But it makes you think.

//youtu.be/Ladder Safety - YouTube

That is scary! Not the way I want to go.

They actually have quite a collection of shocking commercials like that…people getting blown off buildings, lift trucks tipping over heavy loads, etc.

Pretty gruesome and powerful for sure.

I remember when those commercials came out in Canada a couple of years back. My boss at the time tried to stress in each those examples that it was always the employees fault. I would always look at him like WTF! He always pushed it when it came to safety issues and unfortunately I was one of the few employees that would put up with it. I’d often catch him doing electrical repairs without cutting the power, what a tool!