June thread of the month contest cancelled!

Were gonna do a mystery prize this month. The winner will be randomly chosen from a hat. What you have to do is take one of the logos below and use it in Your signature or as your avatar on another WC Message board or chat forum. Once its up just let Alex or I know…


and Good Luck!


Where did you get such an idea?

I woke up this morning and saw you wonderful avatar Larry… I was inspired thanks!

P.S. For those boards that dont allow images here is some html:

<a href=“http://www.windowcleaner.com”>Window Cleaning Resource.com</a>

[COLOR=black]That leaves me out. I don’t visit any other message boards. :frowning: See you in July…[/COLOR]

I tried the HTML on NWCD but it doesn’t show up correctly, and I can’t copy/paste the logo either. Do I still get full credit. At least a C+ for turning it in on time?

Oh yeah… NWCD Doesn’t allow HTML… I just emailed you some working code.

I reckon Steve should get a bucket too for for risking a video camera up that ladder!

You got that right. The first thing I thought when viewing Steve’s video is, “You’re pretty brave man.”

[COLOR=Black] I second that![/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Actually, it’s a new state of the art digital camera with video capabilities. It’s the size of a card deck and fits nicely in my shirt pocket. It was no more risky than having a scraper in the same hand cleaning the window. I was more worried about dropping the camera than falling.[/COLOR]

And you were on your way to immortality…

[COLOR=black]Why does the title of this thread say canceled?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]We are all on our way to immortality, every day we are one day closer…[/COLOR]


Your honor remains intact.

I am down for this! I will do it. Is it alright to go on on janitorial forums or just on Window cleaning forums…?

I bet Chris and Alex will sell you a tool bungee.

So is this thread cancelled or not?

It has turned into a battle of wits, I see.

wooo Larry lets not get crazy… that be a little pricey.

No the thread isn’t canceled… The" June thread of the month contest is canceled" Its being replaced with the Avatar/ WCR Logo/ Signature contest… The credit again goes to Larry for the idea…