Just distributed 250 postcards

Took me an hour and 45 min,
let’s see how it goes!


Sometimes you hear from people the next day, sometimes 2 or 3 weeks later. I remember one time getting a call from someone like 4 months later. I try to repeat neighborhoods every few months or quarterly, but then sometimes I get busy enough to lapse in distribution. That is easy to do when you get enough calls to stay busy but then those run dry and you have try and catch up again. Little tip: When doing a job you haven’t canvassed the neighborhood or area in a while, after the job distribute 10 up one side of the street and 10 down the other before driving away. :wink:


Distribute 250 everyday


I think my record was 2+ years…

They had pinned my business card to their bulletin board with the intent of “eventually getting to that project.” And they eventually did! :joy:

And I know some others here have gotten responses even later than that. :flushed:


Wow that’s crazy lol!
That’s what I was thinking.
I think I may get some calls next spring since this is middle of the august time.
Fresh new business owner haha!

That would be ideal

I like that idea to distribute 10 both sides of the street.
However, I believe placing a nice visual job sign in front of the customer you are servicing is a better option.
Or even making specific post cards or marketing material such as “I’ve just cleaned your neighbor ____, etc…”
Haha. I can’t wait to land jobs and experiment.

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All of those can work. To rely on only one leaves you with only one option. :wink:

Good job getting our there and advertising! Did you deliver them by canvassing or mail?

@Garry & @Infinity are right. Results get spread out. I mail to the same areas 2-3 times a year. The other day I had a customer with five postcards from the last couple of years.

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I just distributed another 250 today.
I put them in people’s mailboxes.

That would be illegal. Be careful and learn distribution/solicitation laws in your area! Good luck!

What you can’t legally do with the postal service is put your flyers in residential mailboxes without postage or even adhere them to the outside.
Legal Ways of Flyer Advertising

HDW is right, don’t put the in mailboxes, they’re federal property and its 100% illegal.

Yea I know it’s illegal lol. I got pulled over by 6 cops cause they thought I was stealing. I got away without a warning or anything lol. Guess I got lucky.

If you are too cheap to put a 35 cent stamp on your flyer, what does that say about your business to your customers?

A couple of weeks ago, I mailed 238 postcards to every person with a P.O. Box. In my town. The next day I receive a call from the utility company to clean their windows at @ $40 per month. That one call paid for all of those postcards.

Like for the EDDM? 35 cents per stamp?
And I have postcards not flyers.
I’d much rather have the post office do it to be honest.
It’s alot of working distributing these postcards.

Garry, I like the way you think. This is great advice and great way to maximize your advertising.