Just got my first call today

Just got my first call for storefront today. The guy I spoke with said their last guy cleaned I/O every 4 weeks and OO every two weeks in between. Its a corner store in a shopping center and I think I count 26 windows on Google Earth. I’m thinking I’ll bid $104 every 4 weeks, which breaks down to $1.50 per pane outside and a $1 per pane inside. I’m not too worried about overbidding since I don’t want too much storefront anyway, but this will be a nice bump on my Wednesdays when I have a half day to work anyway. Thoughts?

If their last guy serviced that shopping center and quit because of the cold maybe I can pick up a few more stores.


what are the rates where you live for storefront? Is this about what others are charging?


Inside are more work normally then the exterior glass…signs,displays, ect…

Keep that in mind when your bidding route work.


I’m not totally sure overall, but I ran across one cleaner a couple weeks ago doing a job for $0.71 per pane outside only and he was legit.

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on that when I check it out tomorrow.

Just be prepared for … the last guy did it for

More than likely thsts what is going to happen, from what saying ther was s last guy. So have your rebuttals ready

I just recently picked up a dealership sent the guy a written estimate An everything, then I get thsi phone call after he receives the invoice

He never told me anything about him getting a price for 160 in/out for all 3. Buildings
He has 3 buildings right next to each other
One is the showroom. That one at my price was 180 in/out … 90 interior / 90 exterior is he way it was written on he estimate. I broke it done for Him. Just in case he wants the interior quarterly. The other 2 are small which equals the reminder of the 250
Now I have to go there, because he never answered his phone An. Negotiation.
Yes. Negotiate he ain’t going to go for the 250. Which I’m ok with. But I certainly am not doing it for 160.
250 actually is a little on the high end I have room to play , so we will see with this. I might not even get it. If I don’t no big deal

It’s always the last guy that fucks thjmgs up for ya. Whenever there isn’t a last guy the price is fine. Ya have 3 choices when there is he last guy. You could stand firm an say I’m not the last guy. , you could just do it at that price … more than likely your not because it’s just to low, or you can negotiate to a fair price for both sometimes this works out. An remember after a little bit an they see your not he last guy you can raise it

Ugh! Car salesmen! I’d probably lose it just because I’d automatically go in with a war footing.

I hear you and thanks. My focus is going to be 3 story and below commercial and residential so if I’m overpriced for storefront then that’s fine. If I pick up a few accounts to fill my Wednesdays off work then it’s a small bonus. Otherwise, I’ll fill my Wednesdays off with looking for my ideal customers.


That is funny … that is exactly what would of happened if he answered my call. Still haven’t talked to him. Going in person. 200 is my price I’m willing to do it for.
We will see his message sounds like he is a stickler. That’s ok pay me an I’ll be on to the next.

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Cool! I got my first job! No haggling at all! She said, “Great! We’ll do it, especially since you’re a veteran.” She did request inside every two weeks and outside every four weeks in the Winter. All they had were mini blinds inside.


Not to sound like a jerk, but she did haggle ya.
Your doing it 2 x a month. 2 in one out.
Which is wieed it’s usually 2 out an 1 in

But comgradts on your first job. Still a decent price :+1:

Up sell some blind cleaning… haha

Blind cleaning on a storefront?

Do you have an ultrasonic bath do you?
I very much doubt many people here do.

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Sorry I knew you said store front. I was thinking residential when I said it

I’m sorry after re-reading your post thats what you were pricing it @. 2 x a month
My bad I was thinkin it was a 1x a month in/out job all along at 104.00.
So ya your right I’m wrong she didn’t haggle you.
I get a little brain dead once in a while. :face_with_thermometer:

Now go get 3 or more jobs just like it :+1:


This job will get you good exposure. Congratulations!

Thanks! I think so too. Its a pretty busy little shopping center. If her old cleaner serviced other businesses there then they may need a new window cleaner too. I will be sure to hand out estimates next Wednesday after I’m done with the job.


I went back for my second visit today and it turned into a weekly account. I wasn’t able to prospect the other storefronts because I have a sick kid at home, but I will work on that next Thursday.



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Awesome! Well besides the sick kid!

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Numbers is the game and money is the name. :wink:


Congrats on it becoming a weekly account, hope your child feels better soon.