Just got my RHG backpack from WCR!

This thing is AWESOME!!! I have 6 135,000 sq. ft. buildings I do quarterly ( 3 on one block, 3 on the next block…industrial) and running the hoses are a nightmare! This backpack saves all that hose reeling, moving tanks and moving the truck…saves ALOT of time. The backpack is heavy as hell, but Chris says all I need to do is lift weights and I’m good!:mad: Chris I will have you know I will out-bench, curl and french press ya any day of the week:D
That was a good one by the way…

Anyhow, the pump is pretty cool. I have my pack hooked up to a male garden hose connector so I can put my tucker pole on it, so it is just a ball valve. When I shut the valve off, the pump shuts off too which is pretty cool cause it saves battery power, plus it has 3 speeds on it, which really all you need is the highest setting. Must recommend to everyone!!

how often are you refilling ? What method do you use ?

Good deal Salvatore!
Carlos, some of the guys on the British forums use the Culligan 5 gallon water jugs you get at the store to refill their backpacks. You could also use several of them to store water in instead of a big tank in the back of your vehicle.

you can get the blue colored jugs at Walmart.

Just watch when tipping them, not to add any debris. Not so much of the problem when new, but if they are old like mine - give the top a wipe or two. I have a removable strainer on my backpack, but still - all dirt will raise the tds.

How often do I refill? Well, yesterday I only charged the battery for 20 minutes so I only had about 5 minutes to work in, but I cleaned 8 8x4 panes with it and had only about a quarter of the water gone! Today is when I will use it all day, but unfortunately, I lost my shut off valve yesterday so I have to go buy another one from hydroscape.

This job is nicknamed “the Bermuda Triangle” because I always loose tools on this job…EVERY TIME!!!

As for the method I use, not sure what you mean, but what I am doing is I am having my worker do the bottoms with a scrubber and rinsing, while I go in front with the backpack and wfp.

I may just have him use the backpack, but I just got it so I want to break it in before he breaks it, and yes, he WILL break it. We had to end the job yesterday because he dropped the pole and broke the metal on the brush, and I didnt bring extras…this guy has a rain cloud following him!

I really dont think the backpack would be good for storefront stuff, its actually faster with a squeegee on my storefront, at least thats how I feel now, once I get the hang of it I may change my mind.

Here’s some pics of me and my RHG backpack.

I like the 2nd one best!

I was so jazzed I just couldn’t help myself!:smiley: