Just got my website up! Feedback encouraged!

So I just put my website out. It’s very simple right now, I’m thinking of adding more pictures soon, but I was looking for feedback as far as what others have put on their sites.

You need about 800 more words of relevant content per page.

You also need clean, clear calls to action and phone numbers at the top of each page.

By calls to action, do you mean customer reviews? Or more detailed description of services?

Go take a look at window cleaning websites In other states and use them as a blueprint. Your website could use just a little bit of tweaking

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CTA = call me, email now, click here to get a quote etc

I like it buddy, I agree with above posters-- adding some more content and adding your personal touch will finish it. CTA buttons, always a number shown for customers to call.

I like it, straight and to the point. Keep it simple…if I am looking for a company to service something, I don’t want “flash”— Flash tells me it’s expensive to maintain, “flash” doesn’t mean you will do a better job than someone :slight_smile: If you catch my drift. I enjoy the pages on the top, I am a fan of that kind of template. I just want to know about your company, what you offer, and how to contact you. Some pictures of your work are always a plus, the more the better-- jobs completed “before and after” always do the trick.