Just got our new truck!

Well we went ahead and jumped in feet first. Yesterday we picked up a brand new Toyota Tacoma 4x2 access cab. 4 cyl. Auto.

Just couldn’t find a used truck with any real value to it, so we bought a new one. Now we have to figure out if we want a commercial topper with the tool boxes and shelves and such or just a ladder rack set-up.

Any websites or brands that we should be looking at would be a big help.

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Congrats! Good luck with it

Congrats & good lookin out;) As for topper or ladder rack i’d say ladder rack because your limited with space with “toppers” unless your using a "little giant"ladder?

It’s your call regardless…enjoy the “new ride”!!

Congrats on a pimpin’ window wagon.:smiley:

This site has good stuff at great prices.

Toppers do come with ladder racks installed as an option, or aftermarket (such as Yakima) brands are available.

Many toppers are available with taller roofs and side access panels.

Space doesn’t have to be an issue…

Lifetime Camper Shell makes quality products: http://www.workmatebylifetime.com/

I used to see a lot of Tradesman tops as well (I no longer have a website for the manufacturer): http://www.kanopykingdom.com/COMMERCIAL.htm

Congrats, Dave!

That’s awesome. Now all you need is some work to drive around to!

Very true Kevin!! It seems like we have been planning this move forever. Now that we are less than 3 months away I am getting very excited. I have a feeling that I am going to love this business!! You guys have all been so helpful and giving of your time and advice. I don’t know how to truly express my gratitude to so many people who have gone above and beyond to help us out.

Maybe the girls and I will throw a big party at the end of our first year. We could rent a block of rooms at a hotel and provide all the food and booze. All of you guys will be invited. We could do it in Feb or Mar when it is cold everywhere except Florida. That’s it, have talked myself into it. Window Cleaning professionals only. I will start thinking about this and get back to you with the details. It will be a mega bash. In a couple of years it will be bigger than Bike Week.

Wow,I kinda got carried away there! Anyway thanks for the links, the support, the encouragement and the advice. I appreciate all of you.

I have a cap and have placed a thule rack on it. It works just fine. I do have my concerns about the fiberglass cracking over time from it though. But I like that on a lazy day I can leave everything in the back of the truck and lock it.
If I can give you one word on advice when you place a sign on it. Dont go the cheapo route and get a little dinky sign that you need to be 3 feet away to read. Use up as much as the trucks real estate as possible. Keep it simple and to the point. My signs are completly contrasting to my truck color. My truck is black and the letters on the sign are white and large. You can read it from 40 ft away and know I own a window cleaning company. I always wonder how people who have these little magnets on the side of their trucks stay in business. Also being your truck is new, it will set a image on your company. When I see people doing work in beat up junkers, even though they may not be a lowballer company I still get the impression they do not care about the outward appearance of ther company and thus would not care about their work. I know I could be wrong with that statement but it’s just how I feel. The ony work truck I think should be beaters are if you are running a junk yard. Don’t be the Lamont (Big dummy). Congrats on the truck, nothing like driving something that won’t break down and the heat and AC works when you turn them on lol.

Thanks Jugg. I plan to have a professional vehicle wrap done as soon as I get to Fla. and figure out my phone number and such.

We’re thinking about getting new vehicles, since theres been a lot of talk lateley about going green, we’re thinking maybe we should trade in the F-250’s and move to these babies!!! Save a ton of $$$ on gas, low overhead. Oh, and in case your wondering…for crews of more than 1 there is a rickshaw attachment. Not bad huh???

Theres a lot of talk lately about going green. We’re thinking maybe we should trade in the F-250’s and move to these babies!!! Save a ton of $$$ on gas!!! What do you think??

the dumpster or the bike?

I kid around a lot with all my friends that I’m trying to find some way to rig a ladder rack for my mountain bike. That’s a pretty cool set up. Those corners are gonna be a little bit tricky though with that 32’ extension.:rolleyes:

Might give you a few ideas:



I love my Tacoma. Period. I have a fiberglass top w/ pro type racks on top. I often wonder about the fiber glass too. but two years runnin no holes yet. I did add a half raised thing in the back, so I would have a level shelf over my two 4’ladders. I also got a 25 gallon water tank, just in case. I would never not have it now. I love my truck. I wish I knew how to take a picture of it. Im some what computer illiterate.
Florida??? thats where I am. My season is just now done. Shewwww. Time for a relaxing summer of 95 Degrees.

We are really liking the new truck. 325 mi. on this first tank of gas and still 1/4 full. I am loving it. Very tight and solid truck too. I like the space and layout of the interior. Just can’t say enough good about this vehicle. Only my second new vehicle ever. I always buy used except my 06’ Nissan 350Z, and now I have to sell that anyway. I have a feeling we will have this Tacoma til the wheels fall off!!

Howard, we are moving to Jacksonville in June. What part of Florida are you in? Love to chat with you a bit when you have time.

My e-mail address is [email protected], and I currently reside in Fort Myers, FL. I envy you cause the Colts play at Jacksonville! Saw a game there the year they won the Bowl. Of course they got the pants whipped off of them but…
Hoosier Howard

Lader rack/Tonnaeu cover combo i have.

I think you better get your legs in shape! :smiley:

Heya Pitbull,
Congrats on yur new Taco. They are great, dependable, and good looking. The suspension blows. They will always show the weight and you will feel it in the ride. I have an 06 4x4 quad cab w/ a 3" lift and a helper in the rear. Absolutely love my truck but want 2 have the rear leafs restacked.