Just joined

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Southern California and have been in the business for almost 4 years now. I love it, and am looking forward to expanding this year even with the state of the economy. I am very positive of the future. I look forward to talking to you guys. Take care.

Hey Ryan, Where at in SoCal?

Greetings, you will find many here like yourself (positive) and alot of info shared by all. A great site all around.

I am in Redondo Beach. I work in the South Bay beach cities.

Hey Ryan,

I am in So Cal also.

Orange County(South O.C)

Welcome Ryan

Welcome Ryan. You are going to love this group!

I’ve done work in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach. I rarely go up to those any of those areas, though.

Good to have you on the board! Do you ever do Malibu? Allittle too far for me, but there’s huge houses over there.


Thanks to Chris and Alex Lambrinides, as well as their staff, for creating and running this innovative, friendly, and informative environment.

Thanks, too, to the 1300+ members for contributing their wisdom, expertise, questions, and personal views in support of others.

First off Welcome. Second this is a great site to be part of. Ppp of all types of work expierence. PPL from all over the country. If yoiu want to get all you can get out of this site I recommend that you read, read and read. Dont be nervous about asking any question here. You will get a wide variety of responses on any topic. Join in and have fun

welcome to the group. We were expecting you next week. Glad you showed up early, we are playing re-runs of All In The Family at larry’s house, Free Beer is at Chris’s house (it is a band) and Tony’s going to stand outside, naked, for his next video to show us what parts turn blue and what parts already are.

next week we are going to shut down while they try and bring Tony back to a nice shade of pink/white…

so, aren’t you glad you got here when you did?

enjoy the show. :slight_smile:

Very happy to have you here.
Like A Deeper Clean said "enjoy the show:)"
Hope you stick around and get to know us all.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!