Just one of those days in residential

Residential rant:

I had a slow money week this week so when customer of mine (a Realtor) tosses a clients house my way I jump at it happily. That’s the good news.

At the last minute I get an e-mail telling me that it’s an ‘exterior only’ job because today is the maids day to do the interiors. So not as much money as I’d hope for.

I get to the job and no one is home. Not unusual, I do plenty of places where the folks aren’t home but somehow this feels different. I call the Realtor but she’s not in but they are going to page her. I start working and after 40 mins still no call back. I’ll call the office again and same thing, they’ll page her. Finally get a call back and I ask about the house and mention no one is home. Guess what? WRONG HOUSE. She gave me the wrong address. I’ve already done the front and one side.:eek:

I go to the correct house (I think so, there is no number on it), still no one home. Call the Realtor and confirm it’s correct. So I start cleaning the windows and I’m seeing a sea of scratches from whoever did the CCU. I grab my scraper and throw it in my tool bag and there it stays.

My rubber, a brand new blade is streaking big time. Flip it over, same deal.:mad:

Maid never shows up, customer never shows up. I’m not getting paid today, the interiors all look like crap so my efforts aren’t going to get that WOW effect.:frowning:

No mailbox so I tape the invoice to the door and leave. Get a call on the way home from another customer to check a window I did 2 weeks ago. They think I scratched it. I drop by on the way home and it’s just a squeegee line I missed when detailing.

I get home, eat lunch, take a nap and now as I write this I crack open a cold beer.

All is good.:slight_smile:

As the guy in the Red Stripe ad says, " Hooray Beer!"

Does that mean you didn’t have a heat-treated glass waiver (also release of liability for existing scratches) in place before the service?

Dang, I don’t think i ever had a screwed up day like that before…

You are correct sir.

That title caught my attention! First thing came to mind Limp Bizkit “Give me something to Break”:smiley: Crunchy A$$ bass Baby!!!

don’t fret Mark, i did a cottage this week in Muskoka, took 17 hrs to complete in and out that had 418 frenchies on it. and no matter what rubber i put in my little ettore i was still getting very small streaks, couldn’t figure it out. plus i had to scrape every single pane! The cottage owners are paying large for this job!
managed to buff out the little streaks, chip 3 razor blades, go through a million detailing rags ( i got the “el-cheapo” Canada Cleaning supply ones i think you got) and get bitten my tons of black flies and mosquitos and a few deer flies, that were having fun buzzing non stop around my head while i was at 30 ft up a ladder.
good news is the job the job is worth about $1400, and i have manage to land a few new clients while in the area, and receive a request for a quote for a cottage worth over 6 million dollars! I have to wait until the owner gets back from China to see if i got the job.

I also did a repeat customer today in muskoka, a $750 job, they were supposed to meet me there, but no one showed up and my cell phone died so i couldn’t call there cell…so i did the outs only, and will have to reschedule the ins another day. that was a bummer.

so far i have not had a single slow day since end of April! so im really happy. I just sometimes wish now i had a crew.

Mark, you hitting slow times right now?

WAHHHHHHH!!! It could have been worse, you could have gone home to 3 screaming children, a crazy dog, a phone that won’t stop ringing, piles of laundry, dirty dishes in the sink, garbage piled to the ceiling, nothing to eat and only WARM beer to drink!!! So far…I like your day a lot better!

Is the crazy dog’s name Bill?

Why not?

It won’t be your last…:wink: Every day brings another adventure in window cleaning

I hardly can justify calling it a cottage at that price. Wow, Glad your business is doing well. Congrats on landing the big jobs.

Isn’t “cottage” a distinctly Canadian term for vacation cabin/home?

And also a type of cheese.

You guys don’t use the word cottage in the States?

In fact, the area where many people have cabins (probably including some Americans too) is called Cottage Country.

We never called it cabins, we call it cottages.