Just saying hello

I am a carpet cleaner who has been not doing all that well lately. I’ve taken a 30 hour 6-midnight job as a janitor just to make ends meet. We’ll see how it goes, the pay is really low. Anyhow, I still have my days free and will still keep plugging away at my other work. Often when I’ve cleaned carpets, they want to know if I clean air ducts, windows, whatever. If I had all sorts of money for equipment, I guess I could say yes to everything. So far, because the investment was only about $250, I’ve been able to say yes to some window cleaning. I also figure learn a thing or two and be that much better at my night job. I’m two months away from my first review and any raise is better than no raise…:slight_smile:

Welcome Peter. I don’t know your situation but where I live it seems there are tons of carpet cleaners around. Every coupon mailer I see has several carpet cleaners. Might be saturated in your area unless you have a recognized name to help draw customers.

In my area there are not so many window cleaners. It’s one reason I chose this over carpets. I looked seriously at that biz first. You may find windows more profitable and lots less overhead than carpets. Good luck. You sound like a hard worker. Just be careful not to spread yourself too thin.

Welcome Peter! and good luck.

Hello Peter, lots of good people/info here. Enjoy

Peter, check your notification box on top right hand side of page !! Thanks , stan