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For the curious (the Subject line didn’t help me): ReNEW Softwash is a low-pressure housewash system.

[I]The ReNEW Softwash system uses virtually no pressure to apply our cleaning solution, ReNEW 754. Our product and system are responsible for the remarkably improved appearance of hundreds of buildings. Because of our process, your house will stay cleaner for much longer than if pressure washed and without causing damage.[/I]

instead of spending thousands on a franchise, I’d rather do a little research on how to softwash myself and spend $25 on a ball-valve or just spend some money on an x-jet.

Softwash is becoming very popular. My brother is now doing it. He made this wand called the “Don Wand”. It works great. Some PW’er in Fla invented it and its killer. My brother cleaned my roof the other day with it and a solution of a mix they call applesauce. Looks like a new roof now. Less pressure than a garden hose.

Yeah, I think that it’s actually called the Phelps wand (according to Don himself).


From his website…

I guess he is “The” man when it comes to softwashing roofs…

I like that video. How does it work? I mean, looks like a ball valve with a quick connect to a pressure washing hose right? Does any one know anything about PW’ers…I tried using the chemical injector the other day, doesn’t seem to be working. I didn’t see any blockage. Any suggestion?

What is a good house washing product? Is there anything out there that is a spay and rinse without much scubbing and not damaging to plants?

I wish WCR sold some low wash systems like this, and have some instructional videos. I really want to add pressure washing to my window cleaning business. Especially since many of these cleaning services are starting to combine I want to stay up with the curve. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone to train me so some instructional videos would be great.

This low pressure washing looks great since it doesn’t seem as risky as the pressure washing if you are learning on the job. But still one would need to know what to buy, where to get it and a little instructional information.

I think that this would be a great thing for WCR to offer.

Yes, it’s that simple. Just go get a ball-valve that can handle a little psi and is threaded for your hose. I think the threading is called a m22, but don’t quote me on that. It’s the standard thread for nearly all high-pressure hoses.

You’re downstreamer may not be working for a number of reasons. Oftentimes, if it is the stock downstreamer that came on your pump, it won’t draw over 25 or 30 feet of hose. My downstreamer came with too large of an orifice (I think it was 2.1mm and I had to put a smaller on 1.8mm). A smaller orifice will allow for a greater pull of chem. Call Bob at Pressuretek and he will be able to answer any of your downstreaming problems with much more ease than I definitely could.

Also, I’ve yet to buy it, but I’m about too for this summer of house washes. It’s supposedly the best house wash formula, and it exceeds all of your requirements. It’s called simple cherry. It’s Bob’s house cleaner from Pressuretek.com

He didn’t invent the PVC wand (and didn’t claim to) but he brought it to the masses. They started calling it a Phelps wand on TGS and it stuck.

It also caused some jealousy from another well-known roof cleaner and started a lot of bickering. I coined the term ‘Don Juand’ as an alternative to ‘Phelps Wand’ just to be silly.

Yeah, Don knows a thing or two about roofs.
He got me started!

Simple Cherry is awesome.
I’ve been using it for about three years and won’t use anything else. The new formula is supposed to be even cherrier!

[B]I would definitely like to know more on this softwash stuff. Does anyone know of where to go to find out more info.

I have no idea what’s needed to get started and how it operates.
Some videos would be awesome!

What will all the pressure washing suppliers do when
everyone turns to this stuff? Maybe jump on the bandwagon.[/B]

I’m open to the idea of making some videos if there is enough interest for it to make sense.

Thad, I already do the soft wash power washing but I’m always eager to see other (more experienced) power washer’s methods.

Do you downstream or Xjet? I Xjet and get great results but I’m also interested in downstreaming so if you do PW’ing videos it would be nice to see info about DS as well as Xjet methods.

So yeah, I make a motion that you get to do the power washing vids on WCR. I’m sure many others would benefit from it as well. Thanks!

I’ll second that motion. All in favor?:wink:

Motion Passed. Start filming Thad:)

No pressure Thad, but I’m also hoping that your gonna film some sweet videos

I haven’t gotten into PW’ing yet, but plan to and would definitely watch the videos. To all who already do shows here, thanks, you guys are awesome!

I am just getting into roof/softwashing, there is a large market for it in my opinion…I would like to see some more info about it as well. What do you think Chris & Alex???

Sorry, didn’t see the replies for some reason.

Guys, I’m pretty jammed right now for work so videos might be a bit hard to come by. If I get a chance to make any I’ll post them up on YouTube and give you a heads up.

Also, there is a banner link on the WCR home page for my Networking Event in New Orleans in August. Don Phelps is coming to talk about roof cleaning, I’ll be talking about SoftWashing and residential sales (maybe I can get in Cleaner Times again. LOL.), and [I]somebody [/I]is going to represent WCR and give some WFP info.

There will also be plenty of discussion of marketing, sales, and SEO stuff.

I’m also available via PM or phone call if I can help.