Just starting, 2 days in

I’ve started a company in the Los Angeles area. So far I’ve walked door to door for the last 2days introducing my name and service to homes and businesses. As of now no luck. Does anyone have any tips I can use to get the clients to say yes?

Hello and welcome to the forum! Keep passing out business cards, that will pay off pretty soon.

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dont hurry . find some common ground in your opening chat Before you mention the window cleaning. longer you can keep the chat going the better. one example -the dog, you can lie and say isnt he great aaah you once had one just like it,theyre lovely dogs arent they,is yours a bit crazy? mine was , i was just wondering would you like your windows cleaned? i really miss my old dog what is his name? [theyre not interested in your service] my neighbour had a habit of feeding my dog cigarettes, did he now? dyou have any friends who might want their windows cleaned? my names jonny .

if you can get this person on your side they might phone round friends while you are there, this is a golden way to get work.


I always try to ask questions that get them to say yes before I pop the big question.

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Whats ur pitch?

I didn’t really have a pitch. I just been introducing myself as a new company in the area and giving them a card.

Try this:
“Hi, my name is Derrick and I provide a window cleaning service” (Add anything else like screen repair, gutter cleaning, auto detailing?)
“I am in this neighborhood this week offering my services.”

If they say No - “Okay, well here is my card, I’ll be back through this way next month, if you change your mind my contact information is right here.” “By the way, since I’m here now I could give you a free estimate if you would like of what it would take to clean your windows; it costs you nothing and you are not obligated in anyway.”
(Have a small pad of paper and pen with you so you work up an estimate to write on your business card and have all the information you need if they say yes.) Then on to the next one.

If they say “yes, let me know how much to clean my windows” - You: “Okay, I can do that right now. It will only take me a few minutes to walk around and get an assessment of what it will take to get your windows clean.” (You should have a pad of paper and pen to take down their name, address, phone and all you need to know about the job.) Then on to the next one.


Solid advice Garry.

1.)Establish rapport

2.)Build value

3.)Ask for the sale

Don’t take the first “no” at face value. That’s just a knee-jerk reaction for most people these days.

ABC: Always Be Closing.

That’s a great tactic. I believe Brian Tracy explained it in "The Psychology Of Selling"
It’s very effective to ask simple, innocent questions that prime any potential client to say “Yes” before you actually officially ask for the sale.

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Get on Facebook. Make a business page and try to start looking legit. It’s free to start on Facebook. Next look for garage and yard sale groups in the area you are focusing on. Make a legit looking blurb and post to those sale groups. Offer some deals to get started. Also post on Craigslist. Both of these ways are free. It’s an easy way to reach hundreds of people. I just did a $400 dollar job yesterday from a Facebook ad that took 5 minutes of my time. Maybe on the door knocking offer to do a window free to show them your process.


If you can “connect” with them on a “yes” answer it’s even better… Lol


They say you have less than 10 seconds to gain the attention of the customer.

So short and sweet
"Hi im John, would you need your windows cleaned? "

“Hi im John, I’m a window cleaner and im expanding in this area, would you need your windows cleaned?”

People say you need to be nicely dressed etc. I feel standing there in your work uniform with a trad belt and equipment helps the customer identify you and confirm he has the equipment. “Yes he must be a window cleaner”.

Wear a embroided polo with a logo on it.

I use online to work for me.
Facebook buy and sell pages/groups for your area would help you gain alot of customers. There is no greater FREE way to get your message seen by a large group of POTENTIAL customers in seconds.

All you need is one customer, clean that customer and move onto chapping next door.

“Hi im John, I just cleaned your neighbours windows. I was wondering if you needed your done?”

They will say yes or no. If they say yes, brilliant. If they say no. Offer them a flyer and say ok here’s a flyer incase you chance your mind. “10% off flyer ohh”. The customer will get nosey and inspect/ask there neighbour. That’s another potential customer.

Flyer drop/canvious 10 doors left and 10 door right before/after each job. Doing either or can work if you can sell.

If you want customers badly enough they’ll come.


I used to call that the inferred referral, but I’m using this from now on that’s slick.

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