Just starting out should I do single story and outside only? And how much should i price each window?

Im interested in getting into window cleaning and I live between two houses, my moms and dads. My dads neighborhood is two stories for the most part and my moms(the sketchier side of town) is single story with the occasional two story houses. I am from southern california and what is a good baseline pricing for windows and screen cleaning? I feel that doing this job will help with my adhd and i don’t really want to work at a store or in fast food that much. I am a community college student. I will probably hit up the local lowe’s or home depot for my supplies. Any recommendations?

You should do the interiors too. No need to turn down work (and experience), especially if you are learning to be fast. You should also be glad to have the opportunity to do two story homes. There is less competition from housemaids/janitors/handymen for work above ground level. Plus, you can charge more for difficult access windows.

I don’t know anything about prices in your area but I charge $6 for ground story panes, $12 for 2nd and $13 for 3rd and $8 per screen.

Thank you. What about store front window washing? I’m thinking about doing that first then expanding to residential. I have so many opportunities around me, single story, two story houses and lots and lots of stores. I don’t intend on using a ladder at all. Hopefully I can find a good sized pole that expands out, so hopefully it can fit in my little ford fiesta. What else would you recommend? What should I say to restaurant owners to get them to accept my business. Is there a certain prompt i should memorize?

Again, Thanks for the info.

Start small and grow it.

There are 3-5 section poles around. Browse here I think they should have them.

Just say you will be reliable and provide a quality service. However focus more on residential, make flyers / door hangers. Right now is the time to focus on residential. Storefronts more for the winter.

I’m going to have to suggest the opposite being a new, novice window cleaner. Storefronts are a great way to get started, few bad things can happen and it’s big, easy glass to practice on.

Residential can be very technical and a lot of things need to come together that you just don’t know about yet.


Thank you, for practice i’ll work on the single story windows at my moms house and the lower level windows and the french doors at my dads. The french doors aren’t the traditional ones, these ones have little side doors that have a screen on the outside. I think it will help me with mastering the art of indoor window cleaning.

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It is indeed a skill, when inside, you have to be careful about dripping water and knocking things over.

I agree with others that said storefronts are great for practicing technique on large panes and doing polework, homes are more technical and you have to be ready for more variables.