Keep Private Or Make Public

Currently this board s set up so you cant even read the threads unless you are a registered user. There are positives and negatives to keeping it that way.

I am thinking of making the forums viewable to unregistered guests, but I wanted to get the [B]“community’s”[/B] opinion before I made any changes. I would like to be able to run this board based on the groups opinion and not my own.

So what does everyone think?

Please Vote!


Open up for viewing for sure.

Naturally have them register for posting privileges.

Guests reading posts of us discussing tools and what-not can also help the WCR store I should think. :wink:

My vote is private all the way. The general public also like to nose around, but registering keeps them from bothering. Personally, I reckon the less they know the better it is for the window cleaner. I am also a modertor of a UK board that lets the public in - when they do, its just a slanging match.

Keep it private

This forum is like my 0000 steel wool. A secret weapon, most other window cleaners in my area know nothing about. (which is odd)
I raise my hand for private.

Private…people who are really interested in learning are free to join FOR FREE!

chris if its possible a happy medium might be have it private, but have the ‘most recent threads’ or ‘featured threads’ viewable by the public so wc’ers interested in joining can get a taste of things before they commit to registering [not that registering if a big deal it takes a few seconds…]

Keep it private. There are other forums out there that are public (NWCD), and people can lurk around all they want without registering. It’s nice to have that, but it is also nice to be able to come here at least a sense security. When you first put up the business download section, I didn’t like it and almost left, but the more I thought about it. The more I liked the idea of a small section that had a little more security. I can post things there that I wouldn’t on a public forum.

Keep it PRIVATE Baby;) It keeps it just alittle more laid back!

If we open it up we will get a bunch of these…

I guess I like the private idea too, since you asked!

I am impressed with your desire to satisfy the majority, man. Very thoughtful of you, and considerate.

I agree with Brennon. Free to register. A little effort to gain access to such a great wealth of information. What you have here is control of your forum. People, for the most part, respect each other because we want to remain in a community that we can get constructive feedback from. A forum that is open leaves no place to feel safe or encouraged to express new ideas, or ask questions for fear of being inundated with nonsense.

Chris, you would have little time to take an active part in the forum you created because you will be too busy putting out forum fires from people who have no interest but to stir up a community.

Larry wouldn’t have enough time to call all these jokers out.

Kevin and CFP would start charging. (Please don’t.) (Yet.) (‘Till I get rollin’ a bit better.)

Alex would be driven to homicide from all the Misfits haters.

And I would go back to hating people (Ignorance mostly) (I love humanity as an ideal though.) because there are not many places where such diversity is really accepted out there.

Strange that one would find such altruism in a window cleaning forum.

Please vote your conscience.

Vote to keep it private.

keep it private, cuts down on the lurkers

For most of the discussions on this forum, I vote to keep it private. Some of the topics, such as fabricating debris, are educational information that could be passed on to the public. Threads about bidding, pricing and marketing should definitely not be available to the public. We don’t want the spammers on.

I also agree that non registered guests should not be able to post unless the members get an ample supply of troll spray

We have two cases of troll spray left over from when my wife was on the “LOST” forum.

The original formula too! Not this newer, weaker stuff going around.

On the topic of keeping the forum private: Can you imagine how crazy polls would go?

Poll Topic: Squeegee Rubber

“yeah he said rubber…heh heh”

[COLOR=“DarkGreen”]“He means squeegee rubber”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Red”]“What’s a squeggee”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Blue”]“Thats spelled squeegee”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Purple”]“That’s has an apostrophe if you mean ‘that is’ when you say that’s”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Magenta”]“wanna see some naked pictures of college girls? Visit me at”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Yellow”]“what was the question?”[/COLOR]

Keep it private baby,

If you don’t join, you don’t play

Elite said it all for me.

Although I’m new I pose this question to those that responded thus far. Prior to joining WCR did you ever question whether or not the forum was public or private? Hence, I vote for PRIVATE simply because we’re inside trading and, we all know what could happen once the “Public” finds out… So what Martha’s out and enjoying life after prison. Yes, I too realize that she went to Federal Prison but, prison is prison. PS – I’m quite sure someone was looking after her muffins!

We are not inside trading.

WCR has ~800 members. The VAST majority have NEVER posted. We are a forum of lurkers…