my seo guy asked me for a list of keyword phrases to send him regarding seo for my site. anyone wanna share keywords(so i dont have to go on analytics myself;). More or less a good list or starting point. i have:

window cleaning(my city)
gutter cleaning
roof cleaning(havent quite decided cause i think alot of people still dont know that it can be done)
then all my other services.

Are services all i should optomize? i made a list of things id type in if i wanted my windows cleaned. then i tired to think like a 40 year old woman(which is much more difficult then i thought), and made another list. still seems plain though. anyone want to share their list? thanks

Heres a few

Window Cleaning
Window Cleaner
Window Cleaners
Window Washing
Window Washer
Window Washers
Window Cleaning Services
Professional Window Cleaning Services
Professional Window Cleaners
Residential Window Cleaning
Commercial Window Cleaning

then there all the variations with your cities listed in front and back of these kewords

Every city is different, don’t rob yourself of that info, it makes a difference. Your SEO guy should have done that for you. Here’s a tip, start with your most profitable service and work backwards.

Google has a keyword tool, just type in your website and it will give you key words and the number of times that word appears in your site.

Don’t leave out all cities you work in and zip codes sometimes helps

Mark, thank you. I actually spoke to him today and he said the exact same thing, start with what is most profitable.

Just a quick observation. On your gutter cleaning page, you should have the page addressed as gutter-cleaning, not guttercleaning, also your window cleaning page is addressed as Services2. If your guy doesn’t work out, I am around. Good luck.

SEO each service page for the servce that is on that page. SEO it for your location. 1st key phrase on your index should be Minnesota window cleaning. 2nd on that page Minnesota window washing. Rinse and repete for the services page IE Minnesota gutter cleaning, Minnesota gutter flushing etc. The main focus point of the page should reflect importance of your keyword/phrase for that page. Treat each page as it’s own little website in regards to SEO. Be carefule with the word Minnesota though. Use it too much and it can hurt you on each page. Replace Minnesota with local towns you service.

Actually “window cleaning mn”, “window cleaning minnesota” and “minneapolis window cleaning” have a much higher traffic value. DISCLAIMER: [B]These would need to be evaluated much more prior to be considered for use.[/B] Since keywords are the foundation for any website, they should be given lots evaluation time. Free tools are just that, paid tools can evaluate keywords with much more scrutiny. It is important to know the competition strength for those keywords, and if you have a chance and realistically ranking for them.

Once a group of keywords is obtained we need to measure the competition strength for those phrases and be able to understand what the 1st page is doing to rank for them. If the first page is solid, you either have a long road ahead or you need to find cracks in their SEO that can be exploited. Good SEO isn’t cheap, it takes plenty of time to develop a website and a SEO strategy that is going to give results.

If you select keywords with a traffic value so low it doesn’t register, such as “minnesota window cleaning” or “minnesota window washing” it may or may not be easy to rank for them, BUT they offer no real traffic value. Of course the danger in targeting keywords with a low traffic value is the foundation of your website is built with toothpicks instead of concrete and steel. So if you are in the top 3 for those terms it means absolutely nothing.

Ray is correct in that each targeted page that you want to rank for needs to have its own SEO campaign and development process. Which is why good SEO takes many hours and isn’t $149 a month. But relatively speaking, you are leaving much more money on the table trying to learn SEO when you could be making money doing what you know. The quicker your website is targeting the right terms and has a solid SEO strategy in place the more money you will make.