Killer Cat

We have talked about issues with some of our customers dogs, but have any of you came across crazed cats?

I have one customer with a cat that will walk up to me and start the rubbing on my leg and purring… then when I go to pet it, it attacks! :eek:

I had a house 2 years ago where I just did the outs and I noticed a cat jump in the window as I was cleaning it (scared the sh*t out of me), The next thing I know it is attacking the window. It’s hair was standing up, ears were down… it was not playing around. It went from window to window hissing and VERY p’ssed.

kinda freaky

I have a customer who’s windows I’ve been cleaning for years that had a crazed cat. Everytime you would walk around a corner it would attack your feet and legs. Last month when we were there I didn’t see the cat anywhere. I asked the homeowner, and she said the cat had bitten her and she got an infection in her hand. Her family (husband and kids) pressured her to get rid of the cat.

I love it when I’m on the outside cleaning a window and a cat or dog is trying to swat or bite at the squeegee from the inside. Cracks me up everytime.


I want to hear some more cat stories! :smiley:

just today, this cat is sitting on a sofa we had to move and it start meowing funny at one of my guys and wham! it starts atacking him. he throws it to the ground, (no cats were harmed, or people) and the cat goes back to the couch and will not let us move or touch the couch. we left the window and told the owner we had CAT issues. we did loose a towel…it shedded the hell out of the huck

Thats a gnarly cat.

My worst cat story involves… cat leavings.

I was working on the inside of a home with one of our techs. We were working together going from room to room. We walked into the master bedroom and simultaneously stepped in cat pee. This was before we all had shoe covers… so needless to say we had socks on. We were pretty grossed out.

last week I moved a couch to get at some windows and stepped on an old cat turd… it stuck to my sock like velcro

I hate it when the homeowner says, “I have 6 cats who are all escape artists, so don’t let them get out.” You go around the house like you’re trapped inside with a virus, watching every time you open a window or door so it doesn’t escape and kill the world population. I’m starting to ask now that they lock those kind in a room before we come inside.