Kindle Fire verses other tablets

I’m pretty close to buying this thing but wanted your input. When you compare this to the more expensive ones like the Ipad, I understand the difference. Most of it atleast.

But how would you compare it to others in the same price range (like the Blackberry playbook) ?

Man this thing looks real good. This would be a good starter for when I finally convince myself to break down and buy an IPad.

Kindle Fire - Full Color 7" Multi-Touch Display with Wi-Fi - More than a Tablet

One review I read said (tongue in cheek) “Amazon has added something new, innovative and fresh to the tablet market with the Kindle Fire. Low pricing.”

I just bought the Nook color deluxe last week. Its actually a great little piece of machinery.

The only drawback, which is not Nooks fault, is that it is not a cell phone, so the market for location based Android apps is limited.

Besides that, for $250 its a cool little toy :slight_smile:

We purchased a Nook Color for our son last Christmas. He really likes it as a reader. Our daughter just bought a Kindle Fire for her boyfriend as a Christmas present this year.

If Chris says get an iPad, I’d get an iPad. :slight_smile:

Consider what the device is built as. And know what you want to use it for. I own the Fire, Playbook, iPad2, iPhone 4S…and tried the Android.

The Fire is built as an eReader. It’s great for reading books…all tied into Amazon. You can’t get away from it. If you don’t like Apples proprietary ways…you’ll hate Amazon more.

If you’re always searching and browsing for apps, nothing compares to Apple. Android has a good selection, Kindle has less…and Blackberry has waaaaayyy less - though you can get by with what they offer - keep in mind, the Playbook and the Fire have no integrated Contacts or eMail services.

Between the Playbook and Fire. The Fire is great, my fiancee uses it. She likes it to play games on, read books at night and check her email. But the internet browser locks up on certain pages, such as her school’s email service - it’s like Outlook, with too many frames. She can read and edit documents on the fire, but there is no camera and other business related tools aren’t available in the app market. The Fire also supports some Android apps in their market…or something, I’m not quite sure about that. The PB works great, flawless. It can run flash sites, compose documents and has amazing sound with stereo FRONT FACING SPEAKERS! - you never see that. It has dual cameras and a snappy interface.

Software - Amazon is growing and booming. BB is not. You’ll see constant updates and features added to the fire and amazon tablets, but BB just slashed their prices at a feeble attempt to get their products in peoples hands. BB is constantly delaying their OS updates and [I]say[/I] they’ll be updating their software in February to possibly support Android apps.

As far as other tabs…
Apple’s devices are solid and the newer models support all levels of iOS. You won’t see that in Android. Android tabs all have the same software (like Windows), but not all Android devices (like computers) perform the same. The way their software interacts with the tablet changes for each device and the device’s components (different cameras, chips, and other hardware).

Tablets don’t make for the best internet browsing experience. They work, but if you’re typing, clicking and hunting around the internet it’s not very efficient and the computer works well for that. …In case you were wondering. Just know what you’re looking for and understand the purpose of each tablet. If you’re wanting the iPad and hope anything else will be it, they won’t and you’ll be disappointed.

I am waiting for the i-pad 3 which comes out next year. I believe it will have 4G capability and a host of other improvements.

Thanks Garrett, I had planned on calling you today. Knew you would have a great answer for me :slight_smile: