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WCR has just partnered with Ian from Laddatec. Ian has developed a pretty amazing product. Its not like the current Ladder Levelers we are used to here in North America. It is in fact a ladder stabilizer. The product is not yet available here due to insurance reasons. Ian did send us a pair to play with for "research purposes " ONLY.

We hope to be able to bypass the red tape and bring them to North America in the near future. Please everyone check out Ian’s site.

Thanks Ian!

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I also have the original model of these. The new ones are even better & easier to work with. Once you start using them, you will never go anywhere without them. Now where was that topic for best window cleaning additional tool?


Many thanks for introducing the “LaddaLimpet” to all of your fellow Window Cleaners in the USA and to Karl Robinson in helping generate awareness over here in the UK, we are very grateful. The response to the product here in the UK has been very positive and we are now receiving a number of interesting enquiries worldwide.

The testimonials we have received on our website confirm our customers satisfaction with the product and we believe they will be beneficial in helping us to establish the “LaddaLimpet” as an essential tool and aid that assists with ladder stability.

Now begins the difficult part when introducing a new safety product that does not conform with the norm, and cannot be catagorised and placed in a pigeon hole with the rest. We have to overcome the outdated views of the establishment particularly here in the UK and in this regard we think it is time someone took responsibility.

We sincerely hope that we can overcome the red tape in the US that will enable us to supply the product out there, but we would also like to stress that no product can be designed to be 100% safe.

The LaddaLimpet should be used within the recommended guidelines of safe ladder practices at all times and hopefully our customers will achieve many years of continued safe ladder use with the assistance of the LaddaLimpet.

Best Wishes,



I’d like to add that once you get your ladder off the top of the truck, you will always pull the limpets out from inside the cab - once used, you will wonder how you ever felt safe before hand. The most vunerable I ever felt was inside the bigger houses with the slippy marble or tile. These are non marking stabilisers that fit in seconds, you will never need another pair of hands to hold the ladders. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

I look forward to LaddaLimpet coming to the US.

I currently use a Ladder Stopper on “slippy marble or tile” (and elsewhere.)

“Rojak Design has manufactured Ladder Stabilisers since 1988…” I’m guessing that you have had this tool in your box, since they are a UK company…

I still had push out with these mats, even at the correct angles. The last time my ladders slipped - I was using a rubber non slip mat on slippery tiles. I don’t have the Rojak - but have experience with others. The majority in the UK don’t have the shiny tiles/marble & slippery surfaces I encounter on a day to day basis, with my experience with other mats I wouldn’t personally rely on my safety with the Rojak, they are all much the same.

I recently purchased the Ladder Stopper, and love it! Defenitely feel a whole lot safer on it, and never has slipped on a hardwood floor or other shiny slippery surface.

Works great on concrete and wood and synthetic decking, too.